OracleChain Team Launches and Opensources the First EOS Desktop Cross-Platform Wallet Development Tool

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In the past year, OracleChain has been working on EOS Ecology to develop blockchain technologies and products. Except for the Oracle Machine services we have been providing to the external partner, OracleChain also independently researches and develops the PocketEOS wallet based on the EOS platform and applications “Ask your question with your token" based on EOS smart contracts that run completely on the EOS network.For better servicing the community and focusing on the technology, OracleChain actively participates in the election of EOS Block Producer node. Currently, OracleChain is already one of the Block Producer nodes of EOS official testnet named Superhero. Now, OracleChain is pleased to announce that we will open up the EOSDevHelper --- an EOS desktop cross-platform wallet development tool based on QT!

OracleChain has accumulated a lot of relevant experience in the development of Oracle Machine and PocketEOS. So we decided to open up part of these development results in advance to provide a more convenient and visualized EOS debugging tool for developers, and to help more programmers who are interested of EOS development to participate and build the EOS ecosystem.

EOSDevHelper and PocketEOS are both the open source EOS wallet projects which developed by the OracleChain team. The difference is that the PocketEOS user group is mainly targeted at general digital wallet users, but EOSDevHelper is a desktop development tool which mainly for users who wanted the high-end experience of EOS transactions and interact with the smart contracts, especially EOSIO contract developers/testers. Another in-depth meaning of EOSDevHelper is to show the details of the interaction between the wallet and the EOSIO network. This helps developers to understand the EOSIO interaction mechanism, and then has the ability to develop their own EOS wallets, contracts, exchanges and so on.

This release of EOSDevHelper is a preview version that contains the source code and the entire compilation process on Windows platform. In the following week, we will continue to provide compilation processes on Ubuntu and Mac platform. Please be patient for the new updates.

The EOSDevHelper’s interface as follows!

In this convenient desktop interface, integrated basic wallet functions, it includes private-key cryptographic management, signature verification module, and supports transfer, search, calling smart contracts and other functions. Developers can use EOSDevHelper to connect to the EOSIO network, view network interactions mechanism, test and develop the interfaces of wallets, accounts, and contract.

Attention: EOSDevHelper is a tool which is much more closer to the EOS's underlying operation mechanism and oriented to the development and debugging usage. To ensure its functional flexibility, its security measures are completely different from PocketEOS. Please do not use EOSDevHelper as an formal EOS wallet. If you do need to use the digital wallet on EOS main net, please try our PocketEOS series of project.

As a tool for the EOS developers to test transactions and smart contracts, EOSDevHelper will continue to be updated in the future. And it will support the future debugging works on both the EOS main net and test net.

The OracleChain team hopes to join hands with every contributor in the EOS ecosystem to bring the EOS more brilliant future!

For more information, please visit the github of EOSDevHelper

Email: [email protected]



it is unclear why such a necessary project has been in the shadows for so long?


我们已经开始在市场方面加速前进啦! 谢谢支持

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