OracleChain Had In-depth Discussion with About EOS BP Corporation

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Beijing, 23 May, 2018. OracleChain CEO Harvey and Chief Scientist Dr. Zhiyong Tan visited blockchain media headquarters to have in-depth discussion about cooperation between the two EOS BP candidates. Conventioners from included partner of development Bo Xu, chief editor Lao Li, and technical director of BP election Gang Zhang. Strategic corporation intention has been achieved by the two parties.

As strong competitor of EOS BP election, OracleChain has be focused on project development and community building since early stage of EOS. So far, OracleChain has opensourced the first EOS wallet development tool EOSDevHelper, the first EOS network performance testing tool EOSBenchTool, and EOS-BP-DAO, the proposal on EOS BP block reward distribution. Harvey introduced that PocketEOS, the first EOS Dapp and mobile wallet in the world, will be launched lately, and OracleChain will keep working on EOS community deeply by launching an EOS developer supporting project.

Then Dr. Tan introduced OracleChain, the data service platform. By importing external data into blockchain, OracleChain aims to build up the most efficient data service platform for the future blockchain industry, which could be utilized in scenarios such as prediction, insurance, investment advising, and sports betting.

Mr. Xu highly recognized OracleChain’s technical capacity and contribution to EOS community. According to Mr. Xu, as the only media platform running BP election, has responsibility to empower EOS community, and wish to corporate with other node deeply. Mr. Xu said, comparing to OracleChain, has strength in media and community resources, and this corporation could highly promote two sides’ influence in EOS community.

Furthermore, the two sides talked about EOS network security. Harvey said, network security is crucial to EOS. OracleChain aims to become the safest node and wishes to corporate with other node in security issue. Mr. Xu highly agreed. The two parties have achieved strategic corporation intention in fields of media and community resource sharing, blockchain knowledge training, EOS BP and technical corporation, with arrangement of upcoming event.

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