[BeyondBit Contest] #Tokens4Tweets Trial! | Lend BeyondBitcoin your Twitter Voice for BeyondBit Rewards! | Earn Valuable Tokens Inside!

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"Tokens for Tweets (and other social things) could become a Big Thing..." ~@officialfuzzy

BEYONDBITs are Powerful Cross Platform Tokens Worth being Noticed

Summon a Whale with BEYONDBITs! These bits are powerful Cross Platform tokens that display a unique use case that has been largely underappreciated within the Crypto Sphere. While many crypto media platforms laud the thousandth new innovative (but unscalable) cryptocurrency, platforms like BitShares and Steem have given us the capability to innovate and create a token system that would be capable of imbuing the power (and value) of human cooperation into a token backed by steempower...and you. I believe that Showing this powerful Cross Platform capabilities between BitShares and Steem is an action that will drive an increase in attention, appreciation and market sentiment for both Steem and BitShares. So what are you waiting for? Help me build Voltron...

It is the synergy between these chains that will show the rest of crypto How fast DPOS Chains really are and what this speed makes possible! (Just add another nail in the coffin).

Just in time for EOS...aka Voltron's Shield.

But I need your help building Voltron.

I need your Voices...

So onto the Mission, its Rules (and Rewards)...


Promote Beyondbitcoin Whaletank on Twitter

Step 1: Sign into Twitter
Step 2: Follow @beyond_bitcoin Twitter
Step 3: Post the following post exactly as you see it (copy/paste):

Listen to Beyond Bitcoin's Latest Hangout Speakers! http://ow.ly/7otO30gdXGe #bitcoin #eos #eth #steem #bitshares #ark #rise @beyond_bitcoin

Step 4: Post a link to your tweet below along with the following:

  • The Twitter Account with which you participated
  • Your BitShares Address


Rule 1: You Must follow @beyond_bitcoin twitter
Rule 2: Your twitter account must have over 200 followers
Rule 3: You must not be a suspected Scammer on Steem
Rule 4: You must copy and paste the exact tweet message provided. Misstatements and misspellings are not guaranteed BEYONDBITs
Rule 5: Accounts Spamming this post will not receive BEYONDBITs
Notice: Rights reserved to add needed rules as required during this early beta trial


  • Participants in this trial will earn 1 BEYONDBIT for each 100 followers up to a maximum reward of 30 BEYONDBITs.
  • A minimum reward amount will be established based on final payout on this post. If it earns 200$BD and only 1 person participates, this participant will receive 200 BEYONDBITs (assuming participant complies with rules above).
  • Due to the beta nature of this trial, rewards will be capped at 1000 BEYONDBITs
  • If this post earns over 500$BD, cap will double to 2000 BEYONDBITs
  • Rewards for tweeting are given on a first come first serve basis. So make sure you are first!
  • Accounts that qualify and have over 10k followers on twitter will earn 5 BEYONDBITs even if cap is reached!
  • All rewards paid out after this post pays out!

Thanks for helping me build Voltron and continuing to support these innovative ideas!

All Vote tokens are on BitShares! So make sure you have a BitShares Wallet to receive and send them for upvotes on your steem posts!

Download BitShares Wallet

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What's Twitter? Is that one of those social media platforms that don't reward people for posting content? 😜

Tweet: https://twitter.com/Konelectric/status/925050248254369792
Twitter acc: konelectric
BTS: yourship


Calaborra CBorra tweeted @ 30 Oct 2017 - 18:43 UTC

Listen to Beyond Bitcoin's Latest Hangout Speakers! ow.ly/7otO30gdXGe #bitcoin #eos #eth #steem #bitshares #ark #rise @beyond_bitcoin

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Been upvoting ... I mean liking everyones tweets.


damn you are fast...


just refreshed my feed :D


Twitter handle: himayunmir

BTS ID: mir-himayun

thank you to share the post.


Sir i want talk with you.If you use facebook then knoch me here Md Masud Rana . Or if you use discord then me : masudrana#5447
Or pls mail me to masud018722@gmail.com
I need you eargently.


@officialfuzzy, nice plans and offers you shared with us, thanks for that. "Beyondbit contest" and token for tweets is awesome and worth ful offer. I don't know much about that but sure I participate in this contest.

Done but my followers is not up to the required, so i did this for the love


this blog is more important


Twitter @at_htooms
Bitshares htooms1

Thanks but too bad for me who is 100% on steemit. I dont have a twitter account with 200 followers. Maybe an old one from years ago...


Why u think being 100% on steemit is food for steemit? Join twitter and promote steemit and bitshares...and VOLTRON there! All it will do is bring more people here! ;)


You are right about that, but you can spend youre time only once.. I wish I would have the time to collect twitter followers and then promote steem.. anyhow I like the promotion and for sure this post will be a huge suc6

Maybe you could change your name to match your twitter handle instead of being ben keyhotee, also might help to get rid of the star wars profile pic.


Yes these are things thar need done. I just wanted to test it out quick :P

We could do similar things for bitshares if some sp delegated to beyondbits :)

(Maybe via worker?)

Maybe even make our a bitshares token like this for u...

Tweeted here

Now following your account on twitter.

My Bitshares ID:

Post a link to your tweet below along with the following:

The Twitter Account with which you participated

This is funny @officialfuzzy... The twitter link will have the twitter user lol... It can't be that our of the random tweet passed...


But will not have it all in one place ;)

Ohhh i see...LOL
This is why: trial + iteration = niceness

Tweet : https://twitter.com/codingdefined/status/925052210119106560
Twitter Account : codingdefined
BTS ID : coding-defined

Cool idea! I don't have twitter, but I like seeing all these tweets!


Thanks...i agree totally!

Link - https://twitter.com/JauharZahari/status/925079065475690496

Twitter - JauharZahari

BTS ID - jauhar96

Tweet: https://twitter.com/embermineclay/status/925097766136827906
Twitter Account: embermineclay
Bitshares Account: justclay402

Tweet: https://twitter.com/Manishmike10/status/925050259423739905

Twitter: manishmike10
Bts: Ultron123

"I soo wished you had said ULTRON..."

Tweet : https://twitter.com/trillex_prodeeg/status/925141288038682629

Acct Name: trillex_prodeeg
Bts name : trillex92

Awww...I would have loved to participate but i have less than the stipulated twitter followers.

seems interesting for me ...Help me out with some steem , you can check my blogs for better content.


Well cant say i disagree with your account name...lol


Well, I also have the fitz-gibbon BTS account, but as noobs tend to do, I did the ultimate noob thing and did not save my password on paper or other digital backup...

I did have some whaleshares at fitz-gibbon, but it's a very small amount, since I used most of them to boost some posts :)


"but as noobs tend to do, I did the ultimate noob thing"


Tell me about it.