The short answer is diversification; I bought a lot of EOS after the Chinese shutdown their exchanges and the price dipped below $.75 and a lot more when it went to $.50 and when it went above $8 and then $10, it became too large of a % of my Crypto-folio. So I was looking for other options to put those profits into and that lead me to invest in BTS which in turn lead me to Steem. I think EOS is the next generation, and right now a great buy for its technology; I look at BTS as more of a financial instrument. A lot of the BTS shares are going to get locked up in 2018 as collateral for other financial instruments the platform is launching, but yes, I think the tech of EOS is superior... EOS may go from $9 to $90 this year...BTS could go from $.80 to $30 (or more) this year so the % gain would be higher. In the end, its all a gamble...same with stock or bonds or gold.