EOSBTC Analysis and Trading Tips:

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BTC/EOS Analysis And Trading Tips:

From the analysis it is quite clear that there is not moment in the near weeks on BTC EOS so its a nice time to trade with this pair and make some more BTC on the current bearish market.

As we are aware of the market that BTCEOS is not going to go higher to we need to focus on different strategey in order to increase the number of satoshi or EOS.

From My analysis and prediction i came to the conclusion that the market wil be in between 0.006892 & 0.00092412 So we are at the current time we need to exchange the EOS to BTC as it is at the highest point and we need to buy EOS again after a short period of time as this pair go a bit Drop.

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Current PriceResistance AtSupport At


This is for the entertainment for the trading and not a 100% sure trading tips. We are not forcing you to follow our rules and out trading tips all loss will be your and profit too .please try to learn the trading with us and try to follow different pairs. You have to keep in mind that this trading is for taking a small profit for a short term of trading we cannot placed a long term trading on the cryptocurrency as the volatility is very high on the crypto market so we will try trade in short terms only.


Details Of Source : Binance.com

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I am long term on EOS and I think in 2019 we will see some big things happen with their project, as well as NANO.

do you know how to work on steemit if you need some help let me know thanks

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Buy EOS. Dapp creation is super high and people love the potential.

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I don't know about EOS, stuff like RAM it seems confusing. I have an EOS account for airdrops but i don't know about buying any....

I took a look at EOSUSD yesterday, it's approaching the apex of a pennant so has the potential to break out soon. EOSBTC has a similar pennant forming. The break will set the next direction. here's my take on it. https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@technicaltrader/eosusd-forming-potential-pennant-on-top-of-support

A good basis when trading..

I'm currently bullish on EOS and think it may make another push higher. However, if price breaks Wednesday's low and stays below it, I may change my mind.

Price has been in consolidation for almost two weeks and I think the breakout will be to the upside.