Get Free EOS RAM : 1400 bytes for each account

in #eos2 years ago

You can claim 1400 bytes of RAM free. See below article for details:

It would have been better if we received the free RAM without doing anything. But it’s great that you don’t have to call a new contract or something specific to get the RAM. You can stake/unstake CPU/network or buy RAM to claim the free RAM. I did it on my Ledger Nano S with Fairy Wallet and it worked. If it was a new contract, I would had to wait for wallet to be updated.

Here is my account info from


I staked 0.01 EOS for CPU to get free RAM and got free RAM.


Some math:

  • 5.25 – 3.88 = 1.37
  • 1400 / 1024 = 1.3671875