EOS Token Holders to Receive Everipedia’s IQ Token Airdrop

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The last few days has been rather exciting for EOS token holders as they’ve seen the value increase dramatically. EOS has been gaining significant traction over the past few weeks, however on Friday morning EOS tweeted that a ‘Special Announcement’ was to be made at their meetup in Seoul, South Korea the following day:


The build up to this ‘Special Announcement’ resulted in a massive rally for EOS, it hit a high of over $18 and then as soon as the news was announced the price collapsed back to around $16:

Buy the Rumor and Sell the News

Regardless of what announcement would be made it was inevitable the EOS token was going to be over bought at the time of the announcement resulting in a price collapse. However, much of the gains were withstained and the announcement was actually quite significant:


Everipedia to Airdrop IQ Tokens to EOS Token Holders

We’ve known for a little while that Everipedia intend to use the EOS Platform to build their decentralized information website, however it seems EOS token holders will also receive an airdrop of Everipedia’s IQ Token as well.

Details of just how this will work is currently merely speculation however it is being suggested that it will be a 1 for 1 airdrop. If you have 1000 EOS for example you will receive 1000 IQ tokens.

This is really exciting news for any EOS token holder, firstly you will receive free IQ tokens if you keep hold of your EOS tokens, secondly Everipedia being apart of the EOS ecosystem is potentially huge. Wikipedia is known by everyone. Wikipedia is the 5th most visited page on the internet, everipedia is attempting to move in on this market so if successful this would be a huge deal for EOS.

Former CEO of Bithumb Joins Block.one as Head of Hong Kong

Another announcement was also made of a new addition to the Block.one team:

Richard Jung, former CEO of BTC Korea (widely known as Bithumb), has joined Block.one to lead development of the EOS.IO community in Korea.

You can read the full article on Steemit, but here’s a little snippet of what Richard Jung had to say about his new position in the team:

“I want to be part of a global game changer, and EOS is the type of innovative technology and, critically, correct decentralized trust model to scale its open-source software and do big things,” said Mr. Jung. “EOS is designed to be the currency of value exchanges to help any blockchain company or user to build their own business model. That is why it has chance to win and that is why I am excited to join.”

Development News

The development news has been a little lost in all the excitement surrounding the announcements mentioned above, but they are equally important and exciting in reality – so we recommend you check out Daniel Larimer posting on his Steemit account which covers all recent developments in the project in depth.

EOS is planned to release this June 2018, it will be upon us sooner than you think and if everything EOS is promising comes to fruition this really could be a Cryptocurrency that blows Ethereum off the top spot when it comes to Smart Contracts.

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thanks for the info, i bought some eos like a month ago but sold too soon, :)