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NS James & HappyMoneyMan Talk New EOS

You get to know Nathan. He's a great crypto mind
Listening to his project plans will open your eyes

Watch the exclusive interview here:

He is very telented man, and with this he has earned alot of money and we call him
Topics include:
-A reputation that carries between dapps
-The 1st multi-blockchain dapp to sign transactions is Scatter on EOS & ETH
-EOS web wallet integrated with Scatter
-RIDL token and it's uses
-The WEOS project
-The Tulip Conference June 7-9th in San Francisco
-The Decentralized Paint Demo - A collaborative blockchain art project
-A new way to convert Ethereum private keys to EOS private keys within @Scatter after the snapshot
-Dan & Vitalik DPOS BFT finality algorithm
-Wiretract - An NS James brain-baby to create EOS smart contracts visually just by connecting wires

Listen. Get blockchain knowledge.
This is a fun time.
@rynow., @dollspoint...

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