EOS Billboard Is Live In Times Square in New York!

in #eos4 years ago (edited)

Well boys and girls, it's over. All coffins nailed. EOS is here and it has teeth. It's some Lord of the Rings shit, one to rule them all.

Read em and weep, non-graphene competitors. It's over . . .

Super huge thanks to @dantheman and team for killing the talks all day long and for bringing this insane concept to fruition. This is a game changer. If anyone deserves the title of "1337," it's these dudes.

Also follow @eosio for more current info straight from the horse's mouth! SHARE!!!


Great catch!

Thanks for posting. GOOO EOS!

how I can invest in EOS?

They didn't say yet, they just said join the mailing list to find out, at http://eos.io/

Yes, this!

I'm not the right one to answer this. but I know you can't invest quite yet. It was just announced. So just keep looking it up and following it. News will be on steemit first for it I would guess..

Graphene has smart contracts and that's good for graphene.


Super awesome!

WTF is EOS?, he asked, about to visit Google and find out.

To answer my own question:


Yesterday's presentation at #consensus2017 in NYC: https://www.pscp.tv/w/1YpJknevAnEGj

Thanks @matt-a you just helped us the power of a Steemit platform in full effect and that's only with a little tiny fraction of the world on Steemit . I can't only imagine when we have millions of user . We will be the first to know everything. Also all fake news will be torn apart. Steem On

Awesome, glad to see this attitude! And you're most welcome, I'm glad that we can get some breaking information out there to the masses, especially the Steemit masses!

That is pretty badass.

Did you know, Eos is the Greek Goddess of the Dawn? It seems fitting.

Wow, seeing that billboard... That's crazy. 😛

Feels cool to be a part of something like this!

Yes, yes it does! I hope you and @robrigo give us the big download from your experience at Consensus.. when you have time! I bet all sorts of awesome conversations were had! :)

Dan is THE man. I watched the talk on @robrigo Sounds like EOS is taking it to the next level and beyond!

upvote and RS for u

Thank you so much, enjoy a 100% upvote!

Fantastic! Anxious to hear about investment opportunities.

is there an EOS logo in here??

Anyway i wanna see P(IXEOS billabords and Crypto peso and ANX and PEOS ads :D

EOSIO videosand ads will happen aftyer Voice comes out and we have mainstream onbaording :D

what a worldd... i think im outdated.. whatt is that eos... not a canon?

I'm cautiously optimistic.. But it is exciting! Great post! :)
Followed and upvoted!

Throw the caution to the wind, this shit is going to be next level.

I hear ya! Have any idea when the launch could be? In your personal opinion and from what you've been hearing?

EOS could be a big game changer.

That's putting it as light as humanly possible. I don't think the crypto-space outside of our bubble really understands the implications on a broader scale of what's about to happen. What this chain is supposed to accomplish is so ridiculous! It hasn't been done before, nothing has touched this scale to date.

nice post

S I C K ! !

Pretty wild, eh? Was awesome to witness.

I am really waiting for eosio.
I wanna be the first.

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Great stuff! Also on a side note I really like what you said a few weeks about supporting new/medium/and smaller users with your increased SP. That is a great idea and will only help this place grow!

Nice! It was a fun event, wasn't it?

Was?! It still is!!!