What Are EOS Ricardian Contracts?

in eos •  6 months ago

What on Earth is a Ricardian contract? And why are they one of the key differentiating factors for EOS as compared to other blockchains like Ethereum? That’s the question I’d like to answer for you today.

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The EOS Toolkit:

Genereos, the creators of the EOS Toolkit:

An indepth article about Ricardian contracts by the creator Ian Grigg: http://iang.org/papers/ricardian_contract.html

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Great explanation Chris, EOS really is a fundamentally different​ system than anything else out there and you are doing a fantastic job educating the community.

First of all, thanks for all the very informative content, I watch You every day.
I have two questions, first at what time will You be live on youtube in the near future. I want to ask for a technical analysis for some time now, but can't catch You live.
And second, about EOS, what do you think about the push from Block.One about supporting approval of 50 producers per account? In my opinion it will give them more control over the chain, cause of their voting power.


The livestream depends on when I have found something worth talking about. Some days that takes longer than others.

Regarding the 50 block producer vote I think that is a bad idea. I think it should be 1 vote per token.

Very clear explanation of the Ricardian contract. Thanks. I think the developers are trying to further legitamize EOS and crypto?blockchain technologies by keeping it lawful. Also, I think by clearly stating the conditions of use that it will not hold the developers liable in case EOS is misused. The Ricardian contracts are a good step forward.

Nice post
Good luck