News Roundup Including Announcement, Facebook Coin, Tether on EOS, Binance Not-DEX, Bitcoin Mining Difficulty

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After a week away from producing content in order to deal with some personal issues and some health issues I’m back with a different approach.

I’m going to experiment with putting out an audio podcast Monday to Friday and then 1 video per week on a Friday which is more in-depth.

I think that will work better for me while keeping the quality high. announce the Voice social network
Facebook in talks with CFTC regarding their stablecoin
Binance DEX blocks 29 countries
Bitcoin mining difficulty at all time high


Great, miss your content ... bring us what you have ;) ... Get well soon ...

Glad to have you back! I was getting a little worried something happened to you.

Thank you for keeping us informed.

Welcome back Chris, hope all is well. Echo other comments, I think the new approach in produce content maybe more affective.

Regarding Tether on EOS, thought we should now stay away from Tether, in light of recent revelations.

CC i'd really like to know what plans to use for storage with voice

Welcome back. Hope all is well.
Binance news was a little disappointing. We recently communicated through one of your courses and you clarified a point with the information that the Binance decentralized exchange would solve a problem relative to certain trading pairs and stable coins. I tabled the thought noting that I would return to research once the announcement was made. Here it is and I learn that I'm not allowed to participate. Bummer.

Looking forward to it, Chris. Hope all is well now and you come out better than ever.

Whatever makes it easier for you to produce and release content, I'm all for it. Glad you're feeling better, and hope all is going well.

don't say Roundup, I'm pissed at Monsanto

Only yesterday, I realised that I hadn't seen a post from you for over a week. Hope you are recovering from your health issues.

I think it's an excellent idea to do audio podcasts during the week and one video podcast on a Friday. this should, I think, reduce your workload, as it must take some time to prepare for a video podcast.


With the launching of the social network VOICE on the EOS network, what briefly are your thoughts now for STEEMIT. What are the implications and will it lead to its demise.

Wishing you well.

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