Chris Coney Explains EOS In The Upcoming Movie "New Kids On The Blockchain"

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Please click the thumbnail image to watch the video on DTube.

Yes this clip is going to be in the new movie 'New Kids On The Blockchain'. Check out the movie's official channel:

▶️ DTube

That was very eloquently explained @marketingmonk. I'm an EOS HODL'er too, I may increase my position after I've paid my tax bill a couple of weeks.

so cool Chris, Glad to see you getting the attention you deserve been watching you on youtube for a year now. Glad to see you talking up EOS it is so cool! Keep up the awesome work my friend.

Definitely keeping an eye out for that documentary.

I love EOS. It’s such a great project. I haven’t ever heard the project described so clearly before. So thanks Chris.

It will be interesting to see what price we can buy more EOS at during this sea of red we’re seeing right now. :)

Sounds cool! Can't wait for it to materialize in June!

Do you own some EOS @fitzgibbon?

The plan was to buy some right after blue monday, I'm sticking to the plan..

Do it man. I don't think you'll regret it long term. It will surely have a market cap way ahead of Ethereum. I bought in around $8 (dammit, I could have done it at $0.60).

Great clip. EOS sounds like it has a lot of great things going for it.

This is by far the best and clearest description of EOS I´ve ever heard! Thanks for sharing!

Exactly right!

The part where @marketingmonk explains how EOS witnesses could compete with each other in a DPOS environment is how I have been trying to explain this to my peers.

Now I can just show them this fragment! A way better explanation!

Hey @themonetaryfew, just wanted to let you know that I nominated you take part in the 7 day Black and White Challenge in my last post.

Thanks! Let's see if I get around taking part in the challenge...

wow Chris!breifly explain! and it very helpful and talking about EOS, thank you !

I have a feeling this could be Eos’s year , I have been holding on to mine for a while now

Dan Larimer da man on EOS :))

dan lar.gif

As an US citizen, I don't feel that I can participate in ICOs. But it seems that with the excellent explanation you had of the EOS token, it has utility as well as being an asset. Or am I being just too hopeful? If it is a share only, then I guess that means it is an asset only... Would like so much to be able to support the EOS project.

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