Yeah, the criteria for which is still being discussed, so basically it's a matter of network security. 99% of their information will be public, some details will be withheld for security purposes. I should have been more clear in the article but as you can see it's kind of a can worms.

Greymass have come up with a great idea to store the BP.json file on the EOS chain, that will help with information gathering for sure.

Yeah greymass team is up to the task. They're churning out quality tools that we need.

How greymass has not made top 21 is beyond me! They literally provided the tools needed for the unlock of the chain and have given us a product. It's baffling, honestly.

Yeah, I am as surprised as you are. I have confidence that once votes and more members start staking and voting, then they will be near the top of the heap.

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