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RE: Web Assembly on EOS - 50,000 Transfers Per Second

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Loving these updates as you make progress! Thank you.

allow us to switch to multi-threaded execution

Is that how you plan to achieve the "millions of transactions a second" which has been thrown around as a target for massive enterprise scale adoption? So, for example, if you get to something like 75,000 / per second single threaded as the technical upper limit, you could hypothetically reach the desired output by just having multiple nodes and apps/chains (for lack of better terminology) doing things in parallel at the same time in ways that don't conflict with each other?

So much learning Wren. I guess I need to dive back into C. Heheh. :)


Yes, millions of TPS is achieved through parallelism and horizontal scalability. If we assume 50K TPS per-thread, then a 128 core single machine may be able to achieve 6M. Of course, there are some sequential steps and other factors that will limit this, but I believe that a 128 core machine will be able to achieve millions of TPS with properly parallelized applications.

Thanks, Dan.

@dantheman, do not forget to check out the Blockchain system by University of Sydney which is capable of over 440,000 transactions per second while supporting both public and private networks >

Millions of TPS from just single machine? That would be a game changer. EOS is starting to sound better and better.

And at record low prices

hello folks, what do you think of the 440,000 transactions per second Blockchain by University of Sydney? >

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