EOS registration for dummy's

in eos •  6 months ago


Hi, I need some help registering my EOS tokens bought on an Exchange.

If there is any body in the Cape Town Steemit community who has time to meet with me to show me how to do this it will be greatly appreciated.

I would not want to do this on my own in the change that I might lose my EOS tokens.

Thank you in advance

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I'm not really worried about the EOS I hold from exchanges, but if I were you I would just follow online tutorials but with a very small amount to minimize risk. If I remember correctly, you just have to send your EOS to your registered EOS wallet.



Thank you , I would rather registrar as I understand if you have not registered your EOS it will be burned after the ICO ends, and would not like to lose some for a mistake or they get stolen ...

Wellcome friend again starting steemit


welcome back to friend!