Who has control over the 3 - 4 billion dollars raised in EOS crowdsale?

in eos •  3 months ago

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The people who own the company, Block.One. The company is jointly owned by Blockchain Capital, Block.One core team, Peter thiel and Jihan Wu. There might be some other venture capital firms that have stakes but that is not known publicly. 

Blockchain Capital is the VC firm run by Brock Pierce. It was one of the earliest investors of Block.One. So, it is reasonable to assume it has a good percentage of Stake in Block.One.  Peter thiel and Jihan Wu are new investors and they invested after the ICO. So, they may not have rights to the control of the crowdsale funds.

Block.One has already set aside 1 billion dollars to VC firms and now, these VC firms will decide where to invest the 1 billion. The remaining funds are in control of Block.One shareholders mentioned above. They will decide how to spend the funds or where to invest them. 

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