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damn I am excited!

This is a good initiative atleast i can now listern to the EOS live stream while i am lying right on my bed.
Great news indeed.
@liondani i want a lesson on how to get all i need about EOS and the rest of other features in it.

Way to go Eos ..
Eos is a very great cypto coin ,as they seem to grow with speed.

A time will definitely come when crypto would become indespensable. It is only a matter of time. Great innovation 💪

You people at many beautiful your post many beautiful that the people of the worst will say that people are not the hearts are that our they voted ahead of the20180527_174037.jpg

outstandong presentation & a nice explanation..
its help to learn about the share a easy & comfortable news..thank you dear @liondani..
you doing a lot of good work..
god bless you...

Great to see EOS doing so well! It's gonna do really well, I'm sure of it.

is there going to be an EOS wallet

​There are quite a few EOS wallets but I would hang back until some have been deemed safe as they are all community built

it is nice system. i know it from you.
thanks for share this

Loving the work you guys are doing I'm big on EOS as a investor. You can do it this platform is the one 🙌 Great work

δωσε μας ενυμέρωση!!!! :)

Thank you for sharing such informative post sir. Many of us here got some inspirations from you. It was really my great honor to be with! Thank you and stay fit as well. God bless us all here!

@liondani It appears to me that there are 2 types of BP groups emerging. Those that care about the tech and the possibilities of change within our flawed society, and those who have come over from the banking industry to siphon off the wealth that should be going to the people who are being purposely kept away from this space at this early stage. very good post. Thanks for share.

its an amazing system..
its a great work..
love you dear..
wish your success
go ahead @liondani

it's incredible how these people's lives have transformed within the last year. These are ordinary humans just like you who may be changing the world. the amount of power that is now being transferred to the People is absolutely beautiful and incredible to watch happen in real time.

A system I have never seen before
It really is a way of success, my dear

Finally! Let's see if it lives to the hype !

Yes, it is time to vote :D

Welcome Eos. Can't wait to get acquainted with it.

Thanks Sir. @liondani for making this publication.

download (1).png


Great system. Eos is going far and wide👍