Timeline - EOS Launch Tracker
01:00 UTC - Call Started
02:20 UTC - Call exceeded an hour still going on
02:20 UTC - Dan Larimer added in as expert witness.. Welcome!
02:28 UTC - Dan Larimer does not think there is any P0 or P1 issue to stop launch
02:36 UTC - Dan Larimer asked about RAM issue BPs were discussing earlier
02:42 UTC - Two solutions being discussed on RAM: Print more EOS or Transfer to make it 1 billion exact
02:48 UTC - Dan suggested being careful with Private keys - Scatter Extension or Offline suggested
02:56 UTC - Print leading for the RAM solution
02:58 UTC - We are now heading into the Go/No-Go vote for 1300 UTC 8 June launch.
03:26 UTC - Re-Vote happening now - to clarify Go/No-Go
03:42 UTC - Re-Vote less than the 2/3+1 required to Go
03:45 UTC - Vote is No-Go (Citing Updates Coming tomorrow in 1.0.2)

The Eos team has really done a great ob up there. while I was watching the video seeing all what the programmers has put together, it just amazing.
I have been watching the price of Eos on my blockfolio for some months back now. The coin is really doing well, and it happens that the fall of bitcoin those not have much effect on it. The current price of it this morning is $13.93, i believe when the programmers finally done with there test and lunched, the price will move more more higher.
It a big work done up there on the Eos nation
Thanks for sharing @liondani

Wow!, this I believe will be a great achievement to the EOS team. It good to see there will be new improvements very soon. Let's all anticipate the arrival of the EOS in a newer dimension. Thanks for sharing with us @liondani

Awesome and very intresting well am new to this but it really do draw my interest Thanks to @liondani for this great work

This is very innovative and will go a long way in providing a good upgrade on the existing system. The future prospect seems very good if things eventually work out as outlined...of course it's a good sign of the many advancements the decentralized system have witnessed so far.

really very best update of eos matter.this video just helpfull for steemians.specially me.because this time i got new idea of eos and great video anylysis..i am really excited to seen your important video. very well dear friend.. of luck of your great work.

@liondani great live share. I really amaze to your every post. Getting pumped for the launch! Do you know what impact the unregistered EOS(ERC20)tokens will have on the registered token holders? Thanks for share this live actions.

OH! EOS lanuch 1 fail live it's very important for us. We should see it. Its better to wait and see how things play out and all the new players to see which is legit or not. But I will keep it there just seeing what happens. Great comment and suggestion Dallas. Thanks for the awesome EOS content all through these months prior to the launch Dallas. Now that we are so close to launch it is super exiting. I am sure EOS will kick but and actually I think EOS will be the savior of crypto and it will make an exc success story for the industry. Thanks for share.

@liondani I'm super hyped for this! I can see BIG things happening with EOS. I have some in finance and some in exodus. Ideally I want to migrate it all over to one place. Really should buy more before the price rockets up again. I've just followed you on steemit too, am as a steemins i need to get some blockchain related information in my news feed. Thanks for the video and the advice! Great as always.

I just glad it's finally see the EOS -Genesis- Mainet GO or No GO Voting Attempts LIVE STREAM. We've all been holding our breath through fud and haters blah blah blah. I still hear how it's bad , why would I want to be associated with it, and I say innocent until proven guilty. Let it settle out and well see who or what rises to the top. And, you've been so faithful in getting us the latest news, interviews, fomo and anti fud. I know you hold a great deal of eos and I'll be thrilled for you when it rolls out and you reap the reward of the hodler. Great job as usual and let's jump into the next eos realm together.

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