elsewhere = STEEM (VOICE gives opportunity's for STEEM !)

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Daniel Larimer's (bytemaster7)answer:
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EOS - Dan Msg Only
"Post elsewhere and share link on voice"

Replying to:

"I'm making an original content without violating anything, but
don't want to disclose my identity. What should I do?"

elsewhere = STEEM

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elsewhere = STEEM



I had a deep belief that those two platforms could coexist. But this is getting even better...

They could actually...help each other


I wonder what mass adoption do they want with that kyc. In fact nothing important happend yesterday. 1 year after eos started, 4kkk dollars in the pocket and there's no mvp even.


Wanna know why they need that KYC? Check what happened with magicdice yesterday...again


What happened? They ran off with the money?




ono and google+ never succeed with kyc as well))

We don't know yet what the KYC will look like.

Are you a human?
If so, you’re ready to make a profile! We use a special authentication system to make sure every user on Voice is an actual person. No robo-mobs. No catfish. No burner accounts.

This special authentication system could be anything from full data to one key data plus 2FA.

I don't know either what Yubico is bringing in ...

Let's wait and see. And bicker about it here in the meantime :)

This is sound like great news to steemit 😃

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Yeah we post else where and we keep that else where as our major platform as always!


thank you for the info! :)

Is it that easy to leverage STEEM's userbase in order to fill your new EOS dApp with content?

Smh, I don't see how cross-posting helps STEEM in any way. You nay earn a few extra pennies whilst siphoning our content onto a Steemit competitor.

That's my experienced opinion.


Voice has to be the dumbest program I have heard yet from the EOS team. I wouldn't be surprised if the price dumps.


Fully agree


I concur...


Dead on arrival.

Ahh, more cross posting. Wonderful. Seems like a Masdacs type cross posting app/site is required if one wants to keep up with all the various chains/tokens/hype...
I for one don't see much merit in producing unique content for different frontends right now and it seems ole Danny boy feels the same.

I don't really think voice looks promising

Competition is not bad.
It actually forces companies like Steemit Inc. to push their scheduled work more.

I like the idea of VOICE and I too believe that both Steem and VOICE will play a huge role in crypto mass adoption.

Have a great day @liondani