The EOS TOKENS are skyrocketing - as I predicted lately.

in eos •  3 months ago

I have been posting about how I believe that the market for EOS Tokens are the most interesting market in crypto currency in these times. The main reason is that EOS is the best blockchain, I believe, and the EOS tokens represent projects that are being developed on the EOS blockchain as we speak.

A few examples from the latest 24 hours:

IPOS went up 500% and ESB went up 200%, compare that to the top 10 crypto currencies, they all went midly in the red:

Here you can see all the EOS tokens that are currently traded at (you will need scatter for the chrome browser and an EOS account to trade there):


Do I think this will continue? It will in some form, but this market is extremely volatile, so it is risky, but I do think there are huge profits to be made from buying all or most of these projects and then hold till they mature.

Lasse Ehlers

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esb has a super low supply was a very good airdrop


What is esb?


some sports bet gambling thing

Those DEX does not have much liquidity and easy to inflate and manipulate the price!


There are already multiple exchanges, so I don't think it is a problem, you could just make arbitrages on other exchanges.

those who hodl long enough or lucky trader will be rewarded on current trend.


Hodl is not what crypto is about... its about spending and using... you must be misguided.

Look up and read the definition "Anarcho capitalism", that is what crypto is about, not hodl or getting lucky!