EOS Programming with Ivan

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A few very good Youtube Vids, from STEEMIAN @ivanli (Ivan on Tech)

Get to Work!


Inspiring young fella .. one disturbing thing however, he has packaged an educational course, and is marketing it like Tai Lopez - a little bit diminishing.

Need more teachers and less blabber-mouths on Youtube - Ivan is trying to do it right.

hey @kurtbeil......... you have collected in EOS video,presented some awesome and very useful information. i am very happy on this article.

This content is more informative and educative about EOS.I hope that you will make this types of video all the time and now i am learning more valuable things from your post .Thanks for sharing this significance post .I am waiting for your next content .Again thanks
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That's great educative and important video of different between EOS and ETH etc..... I have only see videos. Long time duration here. Final one I have checking this moment. Finally I told you this is top class videos.

@kurtbeil, Nice presentation of difference between Coin VS Tokens and Protocol vs Blockchain from first video.He is nicely explained it how about things different. Second one EOS vs ETH programming explained. Finally EOS contract programming. He's share his experience to others for take more about things of these blockchain. Real informative videos & thank you for the society.
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wow nice video.well done. i like your video ...........

Dear friend
Like getting a good video

Your hair as tail is vary osam.ilike it.and like your post.upvote and resteemed now. Thank @kurtbeil

Happy New Year

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Happy New Year

Eos to me is one og the projects with most potencial out there!!! I am trying to get all the EOS i can get :)

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