EOS Programming with Ivan

in #eos6 years ago

A few very good Youtube Vids, from STEEMIAN @ivanli (Ivan on Tech)

Get to Work!


Inspiring young fella .. one disturbing thing however, he has packaged an educational course, and is marketing it like Tai Lopez - a little bit diminishing.

Need more teachers and less blabber-mouths on Youtube - Ivan is trying to do it right.

hey @kurtbeil......... you have collected in EOS video,presented some awesome and very useful information. i am very happy on this article.

This content is more informative and educative about EOS.I hope that you will make this types of video all the time and now i am learning more valuable things from your post .Thanks for sharing this significance post .I am waiting for your next content .Again thanks
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That's great educative and important video of different between EOS and ETH etc..... I have only see videos. Long time duration here. Final one I have checking this moment. Finally I told you this is top class videos.

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