EOS Developers Chat on Telegram 001 - For Reference & Posterity !

in eos •  last year

For you, who will buildeth the future ..

Sinking my teeth into EOS, 'hard', I found myself reading the developer's chat on Telegram, very intensely .. I thought to myself, this is epic stuff right here, it must be preserved! As you progress through the early days you get a sense of momentum, while you read you witness and feel yourself, that concepts are 'sinking in', and it for geekextremophiles .. it's very satisfying .. very entertaining! :-)

Enjoy Part 1 of 8 ... so far ..


WeGoin Put STEEM on EOS! ;-)

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cool !

Useful information shared! Hope to convert my ripple base to Steem and EOS! Thanks for this useful update!


@kurtbeil - useful tip Sir. I 'll follow you & buy EOS <3 :*

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amigo #resteemia at your service

bts, eos, steem will be next btc ;) impressive news @kurtbeil

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wow it was a great video so many cool things and info thanks again :)

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