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“Blockchain Tech Workshop”, which is a key event for the industry, was held on August 11, 2018. It was patronized by the candidate for EOS block producer, KUNA Exchange, the first public cryptocurrency exchange in Ukraine. Our colleagues and friends from project presented the main principles of EOS ecosystem operation and demonstrated the advantages of EOS over other blockchain systems in detail. consistently adheres to the stated plans and steps to popularize the EOS blockchain in the Eastern Europe. We also take active part in the processes of legalization of blockchain decisions and organization of transparent regulation of cryptocurrency turnover for entrepreneurs and legal entities in Ukraine. Our representatives, together with reputable professionals from IT industry, employees of relevant state structures and Verkhovna Rada deputies participate in the working group on initiation of the draft law on the legalization of cryptocurrencies in Ukraine.
The next event from the EOS Meetup series with the participation of KUNA Exchange team and invited professionals will take place at Blockchain HUB on August 29, 2018.

Blockchain HUB Kyiv 11_08_18_11.JPG
Blockchain HUB Kyiv 11_08_18_39.JPG
Blockchain HUB Kyiv 11_08_18_73.JPG
Blockchain HUB Kyiv 11_08_18_104.JPG
Blockchain HUB Kyiv 11_08_18_108.JPG
Blockchain HUB Kyiv 11_08_18_120.JPG
Blockchain HUB Kyiv 11_08_18_136.JPG
Blockchain HUB Kyiv 11_08_18_140.JPG
Blockchain HUB Kyiv 11_08_18_144.JPG

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