August 29, 2018, Blockchain HUB Kiev hosted an EOS Meetup

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August 29, 2018, Blockchain HUB Kiev hosted an EOS Meetup endorsed by the first Ukrainian public crypto exchange, the nominee for EOS block producer.

During his speech CTO of KUNA Exchange Roman Cherednik shared basic knowledge and explained core technical features of the EOS blockchain.

Roman introduced the key aspects of the EOS network, which are relevant to every user. Starting with basic things like the creation of an account (using the tools, implemented by Ukrainian start-ups), and the transacting specifics between accunts on the network. And also covered some more advanced actions. For example, how to allocate and stake resources for interaction with the network; how to vote for a block producer; how to modify account permissions; etc. At the end of his speech, Roman gave an overview on the plans of KUNA Exchange to foster the development of the community and growth of the EOS ecosystem in Ukraine.

KUNA Exchange is a promoter of EOS blockchain in Eastern Europe. The company is one of the founders of the Blockchain Association of Ukraine (BAU), which takes part in the development of the legal framework for crypto-currencies circulation and overall legalization of the blockchain technology in Ukraine. Its goal is to introduce clear regulation for Ukrainian businesses and holders of crypto assets; legalization of the crypto industry and attraction of significant investors, which would give a powerful kick off to the development of the whole industry.

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