KEOS token Additional Migration Announcement

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We will perform additional migration for the KEOS holder that has not been able to proceed with the migration. Be sure to migrate during this period!

Because the ERC-20 tokens can not be moved, it is also impossible to migrate via Hanbitco Exchange and MEET.ONE. Therefore, please refer to the procedure below and proceed in the same way.

KEOS代币追加迁移公告 :

1). Accessing Sing Message page of MyEtherWallet

(1) Visit ‘MyEtherWallet’ website (

(2) Click the ‘Sign Message’
You can visit Sign Message page directly :


MyEtherWallet main page


Mobile version


2). Choose how to connect your wallet


※ Please connect the Ethereum Wallet that you received the ERC-20 KEOS tokens.

※ The selection of the MetaMask is an example of progress, please proceed as you wish.

3). Writing a message


Please copy the message below and insert your EOS account into the ’12 digit EOS account’ in “”. Please input the sentence in the message field and click ‘Sign Message’ button.

keos token migration account: “12 digit EOS account”

ex) keos token migration eos account: “keoskorea111”

※ Please confirm that you have correctly filled in your EOS account. If you do not receive your token because you made a mistake, it cannot be processed!

4). Verify signature


After confirming the message, please confirm the signature.

5). Check Signature


Copy and keep the full text of the Signature field. It is necessary to fill out the application form.

6). Complete the KEOS token Additional Migration Application

In the application below, please fill in the your ethereum address, EOS account, amount of your KEOS tokens, the Signature you copied from step 5, and your email address.

★ Application form:

★ EOS based KEOS token will be transferred once a week.

KEOS team will confirm the application form and send it to you separately.

The KEOS token will be transferred in batches and will take some time. I’ll let you know more about the schedule later.

Thank you.

Email : [email protected]
Website :
Steemit :
Medium :
Telegram (English) :
Telegram (Korean) :

I hope that people who have not migrated KEOS tokens do it as soon as possible.

Thanks for your interest 😊

We are glad to hear that!