KEOS 3분기 일정 공지 / KEOS 3Q schedule announcement

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안녕하세요 KEOS입니다.

3분기 일정 관련하여 공지해드릴려고 합니다.

3분기 일정

· ERC-20 KEOS 토큰 → EOS 기반 KEOS 토큰 스왑을 위한 테스트 진행

· KEOS DAC Dapp 개발

한 주가 끝나는 금요일이네요


Greetings from Team KEOS.

We would like to give you two updates on our Q3 schedule.

First item is KEOS DAC dAPP development. We will begin the process and as soon as we have something more tangible to share with you we will let you know right away.

Second, we will be testing out the swap between ERC-20 based KEOS token to that of EOS. This as well we will be keeping you posted.

Thanks again for your continue support.


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