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I am an UX Designer from the FinTech industry and I have been following the cryptospace since early 2017. I first started out with Ethereum, using the official wallet & Mist. I thought that these wallets were too technical, and not user friendly enough for mass adoption. When I realized that many other wallets (Core-Wallets anyone?) are even worse I decided to do something about it. I first started with Digibyte, now moving to EOS.

Why UX matters

When we want to achieve mass adoption in this space good UX is crucial. Besides from the design itself — which should stay simple and uncluttered but expandable if the user want to get into details — additional functionalities overall enhance the experience and make it more accessible to everyone, not only the techies!

What can be done?

I've created a list with a couple of features that came into my mind. Feel free to add to this list in the comments below so I can see what is important to you.

  • Notification about backups (or even automated backups)
  • Displaying balance in a value-proposition the user can pick himself (BTC, BTS, USD, EUR etc.)
  • Built in tutorials
  • Statistics section with graphical indicators
  • Fancy animations

First drafts

I made some basic screens for an EOS wallet. Please let me know what you think about it and what is important to you when you use a desktop wallet.

EOS Banner_inverse.png


EOS_Wallet_Login Processed.png

Overview with expanded details


Send EOS

EOS_Wallet_Send Filled.png

Confirm EOS transaction with password

EOS_Wallet_Send Confirm.png

Add contacts

EOS_Wallet_Send EmptyContacts Add.png

Your opinion is asked now!

As you have seen nothing fancy is going on in here at the moment, only a transaction list (overview), sending EOS and adding contacts. I am at the very beginning but I'd like to make a wallet design based on feedback from the EOS community. I hope block.one can also benefit from it and possibly adopt one or another feature or design decisions requested by the community, requested by you.


Note: I am not contracted by block.one. I wish I could put more time and effort into EOS development/collaboration work though. Having a full time job I currently only have time on weekends, so don't expect superfast progress.


Wow !!! Great work !!! Amazing 👍🏻
Ok, don’t laugh now... is it possible to integrate an calendar were the transactions are linked or something like this? Maybe too much work for this luxury feature

Everything could be possible I guess. It just depends what you want to achieve. Is it just to have a (monthly) overview? I think something like that could be probably useful for the "Statistics" area.

If the purpose is to find a transaction during a timeperiod in the past, a filter in the "Overview" area could be very useful. Maybe even one that also finds results by "EOS Address" or "Reference text"

Thanks a lot for your feedback. Inspired me!

Yes! That would be great !

These look really good. Are you going to restrict the wallet to EOS only or will it support multi currency? (Main currencies such as Btc and Eth etc)? Also, how about HW support, to allow those using Trezor/ Ledger etc to store their private keys on those devices and use your front end?

I did not think of having something else besides EOS in an EOS wallet. Only displaying its value in other Assets. For holding multiple tokens exodus.io is a pretty good solution already.

When DEX like BitShares would move to EOS maybe this could be an interesting feature though. So you could not only store other tokens but also exchange them inside the wallet. Like with exodus. Only with a decentralized exchange API integration which would make it more safe and probably less expensive.

Can't say anything about hardware support unfortunately.

Nice work man, the design is really good. I'm really exited about EOS, and its nice to see that i'm not the only one.

Thanks! EOS has great potential and I am happy to be part of it early on.

what do you think of just using exodus wallet?

The exodus wallet was a great inspiration for this design. I really like what they are doing. It is the most user-friendly wallet I've ever used.

With a dedicated EOS wallet we could integrate specific features for the platform itself though.
I can think of... having some specific information shown about the active blockproducers in "Statistics" or even a functionality to vote on them. Or maybe a section to locate & create smart contracts without coding. Or integrated chat functionality with your contacts. Just to name a few.

i look at it with flux on.. at 1000k color temperature.. it's darker, more purple.. try it yourself.. good effort, i like it

I've never used flux before. Tried it and I could only pick between 2700k and 6500k.
But you basically have no white colors anymore then, right?

Nice style. Best wallet

Your designs look amazing!

Great work!

Looks like I can easily have an overview as well as do things like sending money.

2 ideas come to my mind:

-It would be great if visually impaired people can use it too, e.g. making sure the blue color / contrast works for everyone. Or that the font size scales with the size of the window.

-Not UX related but a portable version would be great. Installing a wallet feels unnecessary.

Anyway thanks a lot for the design and I hope it's useful for the team.

ps. I'm not sure if possible but it would be great if a wallet pre-release could check your ETH address and can confirm the correct mapping to an upcoming EOS address.

Thanks! To be fair the images are about 40% smaller here which makes the text even harder to read.
But I can still see your point, for some fonts the contrast is not good yet.

Actually in "Settings" there could be a slider which scales all fonts from 25% - 100%, given that the preset is 50%. Customizability is a great point, too.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Nice work! Wanna see more design for

With time more will come!
I already have thoughts about creating screens for an EOS iOS & Android wallet, once I have completed the desktop version.

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