OracleChain: World's First EOS dapp launches ICO on Bitshares DEX as EOS Smart Contracts Oracle Service. Live now on Bitshares under OCT symbol.

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While the cryptocurrency community hotly anticipates the upcoming ICO for real-time Ethereum competitor EOS, it appears that one Chinese blockchain startup, OracleChain, has gotten ahead of the curve by launching the world's first ICO for an EOS dapp even prior to the EOS ICO itself. The ICO was launched on the Bitshares DEX on June 14th under trading symbol OCT, as the company began a 3-city ICO roadshow in China which ends today with their final meetings in Beijing.

OracleChain is a smart contracts Oracle platform for the EOS platform, providing a market-enforced system for accurate data feeds to power decentralized prediction markets and any other EOS dapps which require oracle services into a smart contract. A smart contract "oracle" is the bridge between the blockchain and data from the real world. OracleChain's system works similar to the in-built witness systems in blockchain prediction market players Gnosis and Augur, whereby node operators on the network are rewarded and punished for the accuracy of their data feeds, providing a reliable and scalable mechanism to provide other EOS dapps with smart contract oracle services.

The OracleChain ICO is currently trading at $1.50 OCT/CNY on the BitShares DEX, with the primary pair being OCT/CNY. Trading volume has been between $1 - $2 million per day since it launched a few days ago. OracleChain chose the Bitshares DEX, as many future Chinese ICO's are slated to do, due to the ease by which Chinese investors can access the core BTS token, which powers Bitshares, via the popular BitCNY trading instrument.

OracleChain's website:

OCT token on the Bitshares blockchain explorer:

OracleChain ICO roadshow schedule:

June 14, 2017
OracleChain Chengdu station road show, at 22:00 on the same day in the BTS disk hanging orders for sale 8 million OCT. In order to encourage early participation, the listing price is 8% discount to the ICO benchmark price.

June 16, 2017
OracleChain Shanghai Station Roadshow, the same night at 22:00 in the BTS within the order to sell 10 million OCT. In order to encourage early participation, the listing price is 5% discount to the ICO benchmark price.

June 17, 2017
OracleChain Beijing station roadshow that day, 22:00 pm in the BTS within the order to sell 12 million OCT. The listing price is ICO benchmark price.


I love people that think ahead...WAY AHEAD. Great job hitting the ground running.

This is amazing to see. #bitshares seems to really be coming in clutch on the China #ico ban, heh? #cn

Thanks! I just picked some up on Open Ledger. My first ICO. We shall see what happens...

Looks like the price has been going up a lot so congrats ;)

I have doubled my money. ; )

It is looked like a good project

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I think you're going to have issues with the existing company named Oracle. They are unlikely to allow you to use the name OracleChain.

lol. Oracle has a large group of law related employees! They may sue you for the copyright!

Because they are a totally different company and can not use the word Oracle? Now if the phrase was similar like Oracle Comp Technology then there is somewhat of a similarity. The use of OracleChain sounds to me to be a totally different identifying name for as company and is not even close to or similar to Oracle Computer.

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