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RE: First steps on EOS.

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See this is the point where I am a little bit confused in what to do. I got me some nice Eos a couple of months ago, but you are actively using it like you are locking in SP right?

Will that help you grow your stack? See, I dont know shit about computers, so now my question is....what is wise... act blond and just leave my Eos as a trading token..Or use it actively (while I have no idea what I would be doing then)


It resembles Steem, and Bitshares, quite a bit.

Do not know yet if like Steem putting EOS on stake will get me more. It does however let me use the blockchain. The more I stake, the more I can use CPU time and Network storage.

Currently I am able to store 15MB for instance, which seems a bit overkill to me. But as more accounts start using the EOS blockchain the more that will drop.

Will let it stay stacked a bit longer to see how it works.

Starting on EOS right now can be somewhat complex. Questions about what to use as a wallet and how to be able to use dApps will come to mind. It is still early days...

In the meantime using your EOS for trading might be a safe choice, until things become more clear and easy to use.

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