DPoS Faster than Bolt!

in eos •  2 months ago

If I have to pay 10% withdrawal fees, then it would be nice to have the transactions first confirmation to complete faster than 30 minutes.

Things to do when waiting for BTC confirmations:

Refresh your browser, refresh again, refresh 5 more times, go grab a sammich, go get a soda, go watch a TV show, refresh page. Confirmed!

Things to do when waiting for STEEM / EOS confirmations:

Blink. Refresh browser. Confirmed!

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Love the images and EOS transaction times, but EOS still has it's fair share of problems. I detailed it in my post https://steemit.com/eos/@christitus/why-eos-is-destined-to-fail with that said, EOS has done a lot of things right and I think the future crypto will have a lot of things similar to EOS.