When Roger Ver posts this image, why does he not include EOS, STEEM, or Bitshares?

in eos •  2 months ago

Roger Ver posted this image boasting about what bitcoin cash could in theory do.

Yet for some reason it doesn't include any of the big POS coins:

(Source: https://twitter.com/rogerkver/status/1036633722685218818)

There is no EOS, STEEM, or Bitshares which routinely have the highest transaction counts every single day.

Why does he not include them, does he not think proof of stake (POS) are real blockchains?

(Serious question)

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Good question @jondoe 🧐

I honestly think people like him feel threatened by Stan and Dans creations because they truly are next level blockchains.

BCH is honestly a scam cash grab, and roger has a lot of it, so of course he is going to make BCH look amazing, when in reality it is garbage.

Although it’s annoying, just let the idiots fall into his trap and lose money when BCH doesn’t compete with better blockchains.


The fighting between bitcoin and bitcoin cash is ridiculous. If bitcoin cash really feels they have the better product why don't they just promote that instead of trying to tear down bitcoin literally at every single turn? It makes bch look worse.

Because it downplays their achievement, it's a shame really.