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So what you're saying is EOS will completely annihilate ETH into a state of non-existence, absorb the entire aggregate crypto market capitalization and then moon to a multi-trillion dollar behemoth that underpins the entire global economy.


I just can't see EOS overtaking ETH.

@linkdead13 "I just can't see EOS overtaking ETH"

Did anyone see bitcoin overtaking USD or even gold?
we should have learned the lesson by now,, people wants better technology and easier life, and i think that what EOS is suggesting.

I've spent the past two months diving into both EOS and ETH, and I was an ETH fanboy who sunk a bunch of BTC into the original ETH ICO. I've concluded that EOS is what ETH wants to be and have completely divested all of my ETH for EOS - don't hold a single ETH.

EOS testnet goes live tomorrow. We've got some incredibly fraudulent Chinese market manipulation happening right now, but I'd keep an eye on EOS over the next month or two. If we start to hear good things from third party developers about the test net the great migration from ETH to EOS will begin...

I don't know why there is this comparison with ETH. Is it the fear talking? I am not a biased person but the product isn't ready, period. The marketing is amazing calling it as "ETH Killer", meaning sure why not but at least create the product first. I am just seeing anti-advertisement from EOS members against ETH trying to demean it. I will also invest in EOS as Dan is backing it up and that's the only reason for my investment.
Logically even centralized database companies like Oracle, MS SQL, My SQL etc exists where people chose the platform on their needs and likes. I have never seen Microsoft shouting, we gonna be Oracle Killer.
It would be good to see EOS supporting great features than ETH so that people can use any decentralized platform suiting their needs. At this stage saying "don't hold a single ETH" shows that you are either biased or have some affiliation with EOS team. Keep in mind EOS is itself ETH ERC20 token, so we need to respect it anyways.
Also there are many other top notch startups on ETH platform, viz; BAT / SingularDTv / Civic / Augur / Golem / Veri / Digix / Aragon and many more joining in until EOS actually releases their own product.
So let's be fair and let's see EOS as a better competitor than just being an ETH hater.

Great comment, thank you! ETH can't scale to anything useful, EOS is being built from the ground up to scale. ETH is POW and EOS is DPOS by way of Graphene. POW is an awful way to secure a block chain - slow, centralized and horribly wasteful.

My biggest issue with ETH all the hubris and chest thumping about how ETH is going to run the world.... and then we watch the network puke over and over at 20-30tps doing something as simple as ICO smart contracts. ETH is a great idea poorly executed.

It is possible that ETH may someday patch itself up into something useful but by then EOS will rocking out and no one will care because EOS will make creating DAPPs like Steem fast and easy.

Did you know Steemit and Bitshares regularly handle more daily transactions/operation than Bitcoin and Ether combined? Bitshares also just produced it's 20 millionith block and is now the longest chain on the planet - because it is fast, scalable and useful. DPOS is crushing POW, POW is just so centralized and entrenched it is going to take a long time for it to figure out it is ded.

I'm not hating on ETH, but I've done my due diligence and have divested. ETH was an amazing project 3 years ago, and VB a visionary. Unfortuneatly they failed to create something that was scalable and fast. EOS does everything ETH does but adds scalability and speed.

It is early days to jump ship as EOS does not even have an MVP in the wild. But Dan has by far the best track record in the business - Bitshares and Steem are arguably the two most used blockchains in the world. As an investor I am primarily investing in people, and to me Dan has a far better record than VB.

My $.02 YMMV. :)

I agree on your "20-30 tps" and that sucks but it seems Ethereum's Serinity release may cover most of these issues as it may shift to POS. Yes scalability is one of the critical consideration while designing a product but Ethereum had no one to look after.
I have worked in front-office of a major investment bank designing and developing low latency applications (using solace object caching, queuing servers, protocol buffers and extensive multi threaded).
It's not only Dan's brain but his whole team needs to be sound enough to carry such a project to a level where everyone has these high hopes.
Dan and VB are great minds of this blockchain space and I admire both equally. I am investor in both after carefully analyzing situations in this space.
I am investing in EOS gradually so that I could average out my risk but with all due respect I don't think anyone else including Dan could give up all his ETH for EOS. At this stage it is riskier than ever.
People are investing in Dan more than EOS as a system. So I simply wonder Dan doesn't get a huge offer for some other project where he just leaves EOS hanging around after his contract/partnership gets done with block one.
Though everyone has their opinion and I personally respect it as there are always differences of opinion which time could prove correct or wrong. Obviously I am planning to buy EOS now as it's a hell of a dip as of now for EOS and may be we may not see such a price later. Though invest wisely if it's your hard earned money. Cheers mate :) !!!

This is not entirely true. It had bitshares to look at. Because bitshares at that time had somewhere around 10x eths capabilities today....before eth was even launched. :/

What is not entirely true? How can you even compare Bitshares with ETH now? Both are different platforms. Again as I said earlier I am not biased. As of now ETH is way ahead in adoption, price and technology as EOS is yet in development phase. Did you see what happened to Tezos? Ya, so I wish both EOS and ETH good luck, and may time decide which one is better.
I commented because Johnsmith was indirectly misguiding people by stating "he invested 100% in EOS and zero in ETH". Some poor fellow may be completely misguided by such posts and may sell all his/her ETH for EOS. It's his call but spreading such rumors ain't good for the community. So invest wisely and don't rely on such biased comments or views.

Though I could definitely give up my free BCash for EOS. You just gave me an idea, thanks. But will hold my ETH and keep analyzing the market.

The comparison here is that Ethereum isn't ready too! EOS is building infrastructure that can support blockchain technologies.

well ready for what kind of state ? Ethereum is already running since more then two years and so much companies are working and building on top of it. EOS has now a big benefit, they can work and iterate much easier on their blockchain vision. They could hit the whole smart-contract pretty hard, if they deliver what they are promising.

Hi @geronimo I look to ethereum just like crude oil and EOS is just like diesel, or octane or any byproduct. so even though EOS is promising but ETH is reliable and other project will join ETH platform.

Happy to follow you

@themystic your point is valid, I like your comment. It serves us well to see ETH and EOS as 2 successful companies..more options for all and even leads to better innovation .

Ethereum is an invention, EOS would be an extension and enhancement as the idea was already innovated and implemented by Vitalik Buterin. The ETH founder deserves some respect for sure.

Good point, I agree

Using the same logic, it could also be said that Ethereum is an extension of Bitshares. In a 2014 interview Vitalik touches on Bitshares live implementation of Delegated Proof of Stake.

Agree, as I said I am unbiased. Give and take from different technologies will keep carrying on.
We know that cars were invented by Benz but because Tesla is rocking the market in electric segment doesn't mean in any way that it's a Mercedes Killer. Even Mercedes is now planning to enter into electric segment which doesn't mean they are going to Kill Tesla out of the market.
There is something called as good-will which is generated by ones reputation. Ethereum has proven itself, I truly wish good luck to EOS as well as we as a community would benefit with the competition than just someones monopoly. I am not criticizing anyone, rather looking forward to new technologies with open mind.
Of course Dan is amazing, though I hope as this (EOS) is a huge project he stays with it for coming several years so that their vision could really come true.

Yeah, I agree on POS point. I don't know why are we fighting. I am trying to have an unbiased opinion here on a smart contract platform. It's a give and take when it comes to technology. But just blabbering and smashing someone without having a product ready is not correct. Let's wait to see who pioneers the smart contract decentralized platform. Though I wish both the same. Some core EOS holders are so bashing ETH for no reason which seems ridiculous until the platform takes some form. Where do we stand when people like Brendan Eich, Bill Gates and many more have opened the doors for Ethereum. So let's wait until some better platform takes over ETH.

DO YOU advise to hold %50 EOS and %50 ETH, in other words is EOS profit opportunity very serious and critical.

be careful what people are telling you regarding portfolio diversification. Do your research about the projects and decide only for yourself what should be in your portfolio. Crypto is wild wild west :) .

I won't advise you on how to invest, but I'll tell you I don't hold ETH any more as I believe it will be obsolete in about 8 months

Wow. I have never been a big fan of Eth, something in my gut says "no" to that coin. If your prediction will come true, that will shake fanatic eth investors!

Are there any active faucets

Can we use GIF's here since we are getting payed for it if some one upvotes. Is not that earning for free via someone else's GIF. WOW another angle to discover

I've concluded that EOS is what ETH wants to be and have completely divested all of my ETH for EOS don"t hold a single ETH.

I think it's a reasonable conclusion to make @johnsmith

what's the Purpose of EOS tokens?

I agree with JohnSmith, I too have been reviewing and comparing both and I found my findings to be the exact same, only thing is, if ETH gets "Metropolis" up and running, it can survive but a lot of market share will go to EOS but ETH will still survive

That's exactly what I got from this article. I might also use it as a currency... I was trying to transfer $200 from BTC to my Coinbase to use with my shift card and man no kidding, it took an hour! Love EOS Love Dan the Man ... own 10k EOS ... could buy more but .... just incase it gets cheaper, I'll double up ... still, 100% of my new monthly investment are to EOS, at least until it hits $30... then I just ride it to the top! As you say, a true trillion dollar company over lets say 10 years.

pocketsend:100@daverex, $30 could be in the cards but that will take a strong HODL attitude.

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You'll have your eos AND your pocket tokens too!

EOS will be much more centralized than Ethereum. I think both can exist, perhaps EOS makes more sense for SteemIt-like apps, while Ethereum's bread-and-butter will be financial smart contracts.

People who believe that Ethereum can be used to build a social network are seriously delusional. But EOS might not have censorship-resistance. Note how description mentions "legal files", implying that files can be censored. So can funds, if block producers are big and known, they will have to comply with laws.

So EOS is more like AWS with more crypto, while Ethereum is more like Bitcoin with smart contracts.

Yea, if you think ETH isn't centralized you haven't done your homework. It's as bad as BTC, lipstick on a pig. DPOS has proven, over the past three years, to be the most decentralized block chain tech in the world - and with Graphene is doing orders of magnitude more transactions than POW chains like ETH.

EOS will be the fastest, most decentralized and most scalable block chain tech we've seen to date.

why did this comment get faded/flagged? It seems totally appropriate to me that @killerstorm and @johnsmith have different opinions on these two platforms. what's the deal?

Yes, I had the same question. Why was @johnsmith comment flagged?

seemed pretty benign

How on Earth is that a good thing? So basically EOS is a hosting service with tokens as payment? Does that not go against the whole decentralized notion?

If EOS is truly decentralized - there is/should be no way to censor files -- that should be the aim of this whole endeavor, otherwise, this whole thing is worthless. Much like dtube (Unless they started censoring too).

Yeah, exactly this mention of "legal files", I was just confused. Or it's censorship resistant and decentralized or it's not. There is no middle path here. I think this all concept is very hard to implement. I am curious to see if it can be achieved.

Can you provide some sources? Please provide names and mining pools ?

Wrong, it's because their real service is optimum. Those pools are behaving perfectly and have a long track record to prove it. Furthermore the miners can quickly switch to other ones.

Then I don't think it's useful to compare ETH and EOS, from what I get EOS is an attempt at a decentralized storage solution. ETH is in another game.


(it must be boring to be hunted? or not?).

Those pools are behaving perfectly and have a long track record to prove it. Furthermore the miners can quickly switch to other ones.

I probably don't realise this but what you've described is the essence of DPOS.

May I post it here?

pocketsend:100@johnsmith, let's hope that EOS will be a roaring success. Not so much financially, but for the wealth of dApps that will flood the markets over time.

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Maybe I'm reading this wrong - are you saying you want to hide all EOS posts automatically?

I'm so torn between feeling sorry for you guys and getting popcorn while admitting that I'm really enjoying the show.

Technically, it would be nice if we were able to hide certain dev posts or posts in some languages from the trending page by "default" or at least through user settings.

This would likely help retain many new visitors and newly signed up users too. Whether anyone would still use that particular tag or not would be a matter of enforcement though.

I don`t think anything should be hidden for the user. This is very dangerous actually. But could introduce an individual page for the user which is only showing stuff what interests him.

80% of the bots need to be hidden or done away with, exception being @cheetah bot

Was that a joke?

Are you going to investigate this or do you want me to explain it for you?

Hello @ned I want to share some thing with you please contact wtih me on my Gmail account ( [email protected] )

Right now these messages are the only way to acknowledge users that transaction was successful, and the only way of presenting both accounts balances.

It's the idea, not a fact. Even if, there will always be the new kids that will be faster and smarter. We are, after all, in the innovative stage of cryto world (IMHO).

Good morning and a great Aloha to all.

Nope, but it may help propel ETH to the moon by giving a new stronger and more flexible architecture

my dream from july . . . .

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