St. Patrick's Day EOS Bangkok meetup @ Wishbeer

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On Sat. evening St. Patrick's day, EOS BKK team got together to discuss EOS blockchain, communities, governance, block production and blockchains in general.

At 10pm the team found a quiet spot among the many racks, fridges and boxes of beer in the bottle shop at the back of Wishbeer to sit down for a video conference and chat with Thomas Cox VP of product at Block One.


For Thomas it was 8am Sat. local time on the West Coast US. The meeting was scheduled following a chat between Thomas and myself over in the EOS gov telegram channel earlier the same week. The discussion in the chat room was focused on a sample paragragh for a draft constitution for the EOS blockchain.

At short notice the EOS BKK team and Thomas got together. Some of the team had just returned from meetups in Singapore, blockchain forum discussions at Chulalongkorn Uni and a Stellar 101 in Bangkok. Thomas had been traveling across the US the same week.

One of the most valuable strengths in a community is a commitment to work together, communicate, respond and take timely action. Ok, so it was an informal chat and face to face hello! there was no blockchain smart contract hack, attack or emergency crisis to tackle. Still it demonstrates how community teams, devs, block producers and partners can effectively respond with available resouces when invited to do so.


Bangkok is an epicenter for blockchain communities, EOS Bangkok has members from countries around the globe at this meeting we had Thai, Hungarian, Canadian, Swiss, American and British, just part of 55 member meetup group.

EOS BKK is looking to schedule an EOS Bangkok inargual meetup and blockchain launch party very soon, join us and help make 'the blockchain the world is yet to see'

Stay tuned by following EOS Bangkok on twitter or join the meetup group at

As always comments welcome, share 🤔, resteem 🔃 like 👍 and most of all enjoy! 😃


Thanks so much for inviting me to talk with you. It was wonderful to meet everyone. Bangkok's members will I predict contribute mighty things to our global community.

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