EOS Telegram Chat Summary - Worlds 1st !! Friday Roundup

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Worlds 1st "Friday Roundup” to get a quick and informative "Tongue in cheek " summary of EOS Telegram Chat  

Bai makes an amusing observation.

Jay Berg has a question, Bai gives brutally honest answer.

Fuzzy takes a break from draining the reward pool to have a whinge about @Ned, censorship and then back to promoting world firsts in crosschain communication.

Martin C asks the billion dollar question and Mike GB brings him back to reality.

Language takes on a more Asian tone and admin v998 looks puzzled.

Asif makes an assumption and Lukas checks his wallet.

As always comments welcome, share 🤔, resteem 🔃 like 👍 and most of all enjoy! 😃

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EOS is currently at a great sale!

Yep, there is a healthy looking dip