EOS platform computational power and storage resources.

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The first iteration of EOS software development has reached the half way mark and with little more than six months to go before a much anticipated mainnet launch in June 2018. There is a noticeable increased awarness and interest in the project, I'm starting to see a lot of good discusion and questions being raised. For example questions in relation to how network resources and allocation will work.

What percentage of tokens need to be held for an application to have access to 1% of network resources?

An example given in the technical white paper suggests that holding 1% of total tokens gives proportional access to 1% of network resources. However looking more closely we can start to discover that computational power and storage resources are only proportional to the number of tokens held when the network is at full capacity.


So long as the network does not reach full capacity resources will be in varible abundance. If the token price increases then it is expected that resource capacity will also increase, without ignoring that a low price could lend to less resouces.

Earlier in the day, I commented in reply to a post by @ashe-oro questioning the viability and likelihood of a viabrant EOS token sharing economy.


From my perspective I see application developers and their platforms, holding excess tokens above and beyond actual calculated minimal proportional requirements although I do not consider this as straight forward a
calculation as X tokens equal Y access. I do think that to protect against usage and price fluctuations adversely affecting performance, backing up holdings to support reduancy and provide stability would offer some fault tollerance.

All in all EOS could lead to a healthy token sharing economy.

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EOS is a really nice crypto. Long time HODL for me!

so informative @johnchamberlain - great post!

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