EOS Governance from ECAF to the Alliance with eyes on the WPS.

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Why am I receiving ECAF claim system emails?

When, first learning of EOS in Sept 2017 I knew straight away that something with a lot of potential was in development. With just a little research it was possible to imagine what a next generation blockchain built from iterations of DPoS, a proven consensus system developed by Dan Larimer for Bitshares and STEEM might look like, now add to that the power of smart contracts and it was plain to see something extraordinary was taking place.

But here is where things take a twist, DPoS or Delegated Proof of Stake or Hybrid DPoS BFT Byzantine Fault Tolerance the consensus algorithum of EOSIO is for all intent and purpose a governed blockchain consensus protocol. EOS the public blockchain goes full governance, literally to the max where block producers (elected node operators) and the whole ecosystem is bound by a constitution enforced by a single arbitration forum.

But it's ok! this is only an interim problem that will hopefully be resolved soon, which is where the community can step in. Because with DPoS it's voters that govern the chain not a single entity of self appointed gatekeepers.

How all these moving parts would function was not completely clear at first so over the course of the year I researched as much as I could to get as deep under the hood of EOS as possible.

It’s fair to say that on the surface the blockchain space is thriving with drama and an abundance of popcorn images to satisfy hours of self-indulgent meme culture. EOS is no exception but for this series of posts I would like to take a more serious look at the inner working of EOS Governance starting with my ECAF EOS Core Arbitration Forum experience, detailing

  • The interim arbitrator nomination and appointment process
  • The team of former Block One employees and contractors (ECAF team)
  • The reverting to and from ICC and back again
  • How I came to have 8 new claim submissions sent to my inbox
  • The widely publicised ECAF fallout following initial emergency account freezing orders
  • and where to next. . .

claim emails.PNG

Redacted 8 ECAF Claim submission Jun 10 – 12 2018

The first part of the series will look at the interim arbitrator nomination and appointment process.

It begins with a Telegram message from Ian Grigg, to be continued...

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That sounds interesting, curious about this series...

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