Best Cryptocurrency 2018

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Blockchain operating system used to build Decentralised applications using delegated proof of stake consensus.


👍 Able to scale to millions of users and verify millions of transactions per second.

👍 0 costs per transaction. None.

👍 Delegated proof of stake has been demonstrated and proven with Steem and Bitshares (Two largest blockchains in existence with by far the highest number of transactions everyday).

👍 EOS is developed by non other than Dan Larimer, the man who has been in the blockchain game for a very long time and built both Steem and Bitshares.

👍 EOS dawn 3.0 will be released in less than a month.

Enough said.
In a speculative market, price does not always reflect fundamental value
Comment below if you have anything to add or if there is a better coin!
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It's all positive for EOS. Brace yourself for a major announcement from the company.

Great post...thanks for your information @jefft

Good information, that's pretty cool to know..
thanks for your information @jefft

Good information

no one has ever shared a post on eos but many thanks you for sharing this and sharing the advantages of it kind of cool coin to hold i should have bought this instead of iota

Thanks! Iota is a good crypto too, however, their concept will take a very long time to actually produce and put into work. EOS will allow the creation of Dapps like Steem very very soon (this year). As you can see, Steem is a working concept that is growing at an unbelievable rate, without a doubt there will be more innovations and new kind of Dapps unimaginable to us right now. :D

EOS is the only blockchain project worth watching! Thanks @jefft

Hell yeah!

It sure is promising and in the long run of a great value ,Hope Steem gets hike in same way ;)

that's pretty cool to know..

it can do millions of transactions per second wow didn't knew about that

Cryptocurrencies are the future, thanks..

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i think the price is also best right now to buy and hold for long term

price is about to multiply :)

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so we can expect price to rise i guess!

I'm betting on it!

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jefft!! Thank you, your Post.

i am yet to hold this looks cool after reading the post about it :)

definately look into it :)

Future is calling us through this.. ✌
thanks for the helpful posting

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Useful and informative post thank you dear friend

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that's pretty cool to know..

Mmm maybe i should get some in my portfolio. It sounds promising.


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