Thank you for that amazing contribution and the comprehensive introduction. In your view what would you say ist the overall solidity of the EOS framework provided to develop smart contracts?=

Tough question to answer so soon. For still basically being in beta the software is surprisingly good. Because it's under heavy constant development, I wasn't expecting things to go so smoothly. I have never encountered an issue I couldn't work out. There are a few noticeable kinks that are already fixed for the next planned beta release (dawn-3.0), but no show stoppers. It can take a long time to fully understand the entire framework (I am far from the complete understanding) and if you don't already know a bit c++ I can see it being difficult for new developers. However the software is extremely powerful and provides the necessary tools for utilizing decentralized computing. There are lots of things you can do. Furthermore, if this project is successful, I can see other dev tools being made around it to speed up development.

I think the framework itself minic's a back end stack closer than anything else I can think of. Smart contracts are basically accounts that can hold any kind of data on the blockchain. You write code to handle how/where this data gets stored. Then it runs and can constantly receive messages that interface with its code. The code executes if you have the permissions and it can save the data to the blockchain.

Wow! Thank you for the comprehensive reply. It's clear that in alpha phase theres a lot to work around, but from your video as well as the descriptions it looks like the framework can be tested and used for first development tasks.