What is this madness? First time EOS ICO is more expensive than the exchange!

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After announcing 1 billion dollars (at least, there is also a bit venture capital being thrown in) is to go to developers of apps for the platform. We have seen EOS reach it’s highest price so far on the ICO, a whopping $15. This is good news (unless like me you bought at the start of day 205 after being induced into a state of EOS mania after the announcement) EOS is really starting to take off.

I’m not expert in alt coins generally but EOS is defiantly one I would go head to head with anyone as my specialist subject, I’ve been in love with project since September and so far the EOS team has not only not let me down, but as smashed it in every area.

Let’s take a little look at EOSscan.io, this site is very useful because it has a whole history of the ICO and it tells you the current price (updated every few minutes) so you can see the trend and get the best price.



We can see yesterday the final price was $15.68!
Now lots of people buy EOS in the token sale at the last minute in an eBay style move, so you never know exactly the orice you’ll get it but it gives you a good idea.

We look at the price it’s selling for on the exchange.


What the exchanges are cheaper!

I think this is just temporary insanity and to be honest I couldn’t care less I paid and extra 70 cents for it. Based on Ethereum’s market cap of $126 billion, I have so much faith that EOS will hit $126 dollars in the next 18 months. I would say around $40 (conservative estimate) once the platform is fully launched in June.

‘Is it too late to get in Bitcoin and Ethereum?’

‘It’s too early!’

When EOS hits this shit is gonna get messy!

Just think of this MySpace was huge, where is MySpace now?

Oh yeah you are also going to get airdrops of IQ tokens also.


The dawn has arrived.


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