Programmer explains EOS

in eos •  2 years ago

Hi guys this is a two part series on EOS!
What is your opinion on this project? :) Enjoy!

Programmer explains EOS - Ethereum killer? - Part 1

Programmer explains EOS - DPoS and Negatives - Part 2

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Wasn't expecting a very good explanation of the details here. But, you did a good job of taking the complexities and breaking it down for folks (full-stack dev here as well)

Steemit is almost certain to carry EOS to success if Steemit sticks with EOS.
The reason is that anyone can easily make content on Steemit with good chances to be rewarded once one is known a bit. Plus there are quite some members on Steemit already that are interesting enough to keep people involved.
As it stands currently, Steemit sails just by itself nicely. The owner would have to shut it down out of bad mood. As long as that does not happen, there is no hurdle i can see.


There isn't really one owner of steemit who can shut it down because of a bad mood. The idea of Proof of Stake means we all have ownership and it gets it's increased value from people believing in it's value. So it's in all steemer's best interest to make this the best social network in the world.

I am very grateful that Dan Larimer will be fully dedicated to the EOS project. So, in my opinion, he did not really quit on bitshares and steemit because EOS will be their next OS. Few people on earth have Dan's talents and blockchain experience. Steemit and bitshares teams are perfectly able to take care of these platforms. The usual rule set for engineers (don't quit a project until it's finished) has to be put in perspective. Dan has been on the same project for more than a decade: making blockchain technology available to all of us !


Yes. Dan Larimer is like the Johnny Appleseed of blockchains. He just goes around planting seeds and making sure they can grow on their own before moving on to the next one. I feel like he's on a mission to make sure blockchain tech can't be shit down. He made a decentralized exchange so government can't stop anyone from trading. Then he made a decentralized censorship resistant blogging platform so people will have a voice when the powers that be try to spin the story. He's a genius hero.

That doesn't mean EOS will succeed. I HOPE he gets it up and running, hands it off, and moves on to his next amazing project.


Interesting thoughts, he does indeed seem awesome and extremely skilled


And u thought like a hero.


Haha, I'm not sure about that. If you read enough about Dan his character is pretty obvious.


Actually I agree with your though.. need a crowd to gain support. To get real supporter is by using money. 👍🏻👍🏻.

But we enjoy it too. 😎😎


Johnny Appleseed of blockchains. I like that :)


Me too. I'm not sure I came up with it though, it seems like I read it somewhere.


good knowledgeable

Thanks for covering EOS with an open mind. I am going to speculate on it's ICO. Good to have you on Steemit! Your videos are awesome!

I waited to a moment, when you will post this episode on steemit, because I knew, that I will resteem it, as I just did :)


haha every time you touch a post it goes "viral" ( in my measures at least ) ;)


two reasons:

  • I have a little bit more followers (a lot of programmers), so if I resteem, than this goes directly to your target group :)
  • I think after some time in social media and on steemit I can recognize what has a potential to become more popular on steemit.

but the most important thing is, that you produce awesome content, so this is just a natural consequence of your work ;) If i would not do that, for sure someone else would do that a little bit later ;)


Thank man! ❤️

You did a great job on this! Thanks for the videos.


Thank you so much!

Brilliant. Following :-)

Always grateful for your videos. Really helps me make my mind up about these things. Watched part 1 yesterday - now onto Part 2 :)

PS. be prepared, that due to hardfork 19 happening today, payout for this and post may change at 15:00 UTC. More details you can find on:


Hey man! Thanks! The most annoying thing with Steemit is that you can only comment once every 20th second, does this restriction go away once you have more rep on this platform?


Nope. This is hardcoded:

Even without changing this artificial limit, I think mechanism similar to Meteor could be used on Steemit fronend:

Hey @ivanli thank you for your second critical video. We really need to see more criticism here.

I don't think the problem with Larimerian DPoS consensus is necessarily dan himself. DPoS is a tradeoff. There might be problems with how EOS takes them.

Good stuff! Keep up the good work. Will be following you. If you want to exchange ideas sometimes hit me up on EOS Telegram or Slack. Will you be developing on the platform? I am Andrei Nadejde (@93773717 (Andrei)) on Telegram and @nadejde on slack.

Finally same Dev, bro! Followed.

Great video man!! I'm watching number 2 next. following you!!

I watched part one yesterday, you did a wonderful job, then I found out that you're a GC fan and you even replied to my comment. I love your videos, keep it up Ivan!


Awesome man, thank you very much for the support! :) @grantcardone Uncle G you have crypto fans! :D


You are most certainly welcome and yes @grantcardone you do have crypto fans!


Always well done. I also appreciate the relax vibe. I am learning a great deal from you and Im now excited for EOS. .The visuals are very helpful as well!
Have a great day and Thank you!!

Great post! I love videos compared to reading whitepaper ahah!


Thank you for the support :)

I have been following him for a while. He is great at explaining inner workings of crypto projects. very valuable.


Thanks man! Glad you like it

I seen that guys on YouTube a lot , he's good! 😎


Thanks man! :) ( it's me )

Is this you in the videos? are u the guy in thee vieo? if so thanks for posting directly to steemit!
at first i thought u wer forcing ur videos and I thought ok anyone can claim to be aprogrammer

now i see u are all ina nd u ave been fully studying thsi stufff and i learn from ur videos than u!

enlightening presentation, looking forward to more soon. i'm really a baby in the woods here trying to make sure i don't bump into the big bad wolf

Learned so much from him! Really helped out my decision in making investments


Awesome to hear! :)


And you got me here as well! Thank you so much. If we go to the moon and you need a watch matching your Lambo, let me know and I'll help you haha

Really useful post. Thanks for sharing it with us :D


You're welome! :)

Didnt realize you were on Steemit. Awesome i have learnt a ton from your videos mate keep them coming!

just saw the first one. Very enlightening. This is what I could not find! I have been looking for info on blockchain and the only thing I found was philosophical, conceptual videos. I am not technical myself, but I want to gain understanding of the technical side. Thank you so much. I´ll watch the second video tomorrow, it´s late!


Great videos indeed, @ivanli. I can´t help asking: how old are you? You look reeeally young. If you played football in Spain you would be called El Niño.

To more serious matters. Is there an imminent ICO for EOS? You mention that en passant. Perhaps it is mentioned in @dantheman interview with Coin, which I will be watching immediately after finishing your second video.
Thank you, great input.

:) also check my last post :)


going to take a look!

Thanks for the quality videos Ivan iv'e been watching afew of them lately. In my opinion your one of the best crypto guys on youtube, very concise and articulate in your explaining of things and cover the advantages and disadvantages leaving out the hype, not to mention the boys shirt game is off the charts! lol Keep up the good work man

Nice video, very informative @ivanli

Nice presentation. Just one correction: you seem to confuse Steem with Steemit. Steem is the blochchain while Steemit is nothing more than a privately owned interface, one of many other such interfaces.

Interesting subject.
Upvoted and started to follow

Good explanation. I am also a developer getting my hands wet in block chain world. There was a blog about writing smart contracts in EOS.They have moved to web assembly.Infact the example showed compiling a c program to webassembly which gave the desired performance..

One of the best youtuber/Blogger as for ethereum and cryptos in general. I do not have a technical background and nevertheless I get the gist of what he is saying ;)

Man, I only discovered now that you're on Steemit. I've watched some of your videos.

It's great to have you with us! :) And yeah, EOS will rock crypto. I haven't watched part 2 yet. I assume you just uploaded it now.


Hi! Glad you like the channel, thank you for the welcome

I saw the earlier video posted with another account @marcfrvncis Which one of you created the content?


This is me in the video, so the content is mine, I don't mind other people posting it though :)

Well done Ivan. I think the amount of detail you out in to your presentations is spot on. Well follow.

Hi Ivan, nice to see you here on steem. Watch your YT channel since I got into crypto. Cheers from Germany

Thanks Ivan for the succinct explanation! Followed you bro!

Very straight forward, thanks ivanli. Highly interresting Topic and eaven for newbies understandable.

Great post!

Your video is being cited on my blog here:

Let me know if you're cool with that.

Man, I am so tired of those guys at google offering me jobs all the time! :)
Great video, thanks!

why does everyone look like children

smart kid...I don't understand half of what he's talking about
(damn I feel old)

Because the idea of Dapps are much like apps on an Operating System, just decentralized, and it is such a young idea, I think therefore we are going to see much of the growing pains in these new technologies as well.
So therefore I think Ethereum is just wow and bling until something more sexy comes a long.
The best thing about EOS are it's predecessors. SteemIt clearly shows it is working: I wouldn't be using it if it would take a lot of time to update.
This is really a genuis test bed! Well done, happy to be here!

Enjoy reading your posts

Thanks for making these videos Ivan.

They were very informative. I am an aspiring blockchain developer and this was helpful.

So, now we can buy EOS in Bitfinex. I think it is great, certainly its value can sky rocket once the team behind it start to accomplish some more stuff and it starts getting doubts out of the way.

Great work Ivan, thanks to you regular people like me can understand this complex and marvelous world.

Your video is pretty clear.

good job

You really did a very great job in every aspect of the post....

“If I can't dance to it, it's not my revolution.”
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I can dance to EOS