EOS Launch Final Vote?! LIVE from BP Meeting

in eos •  5 months ago

EOS Launch stream in a few hours! Set your reminders, we're streaming straight from the BP meeting. Before the meeting starts we will have some warm-up talk with background information and all the info you need to have. #eos #eoslaunch #blockchain

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Thanks for the interview Ivan. We are honored to be part of this historic moment!

It was exciting to watch.....😎

I love how you stay on top of things Ivan... I am also enjoying my programing course. Keep up the good work!

I listen to at least 10 youtube videos every single day about cryptocurrency and your show is always my favorite.

Thanks Ivan... the mainnet launch is a-GO :D and I can't wait! Making a list of my fave block producers, so far Canada, New York, LiquidEOS, EOS42 and GenerEOS – but there are so many to research! I've found this eos launch guide is good for a summary of the BPs: http://sonatasys.com/eosio.shtml


That really is a great summary you linked, thanks!

Hi @ivanli, Thanks for the information, There is a related news for those who missed the EOS registration Deadline

Posting this here as your blog is trending on top and Hope this will be useful for many.


Great we just waiting for that buddy @ivanli

Thank you Yvan. Was amazing to follow in direct this live and see that finally the release 1.0.2 was approved. Here at NovaCrypto we are excited to begin real use-case dapps with EOS Platform. Actually myself I'm enrolled into your course with "SmartContract Programming" and I enjoy the EOS part. I'm also happy to see that "Virtual Box" environment was chosen to create the virtual environment. I recommend to anyone to enroll in course of Yvan also if you are not a developer.

The launch sequence began at 1300 UTC on 9 June 2018 and is expected to complete in 24 - 48 hours. For updates on the launch, look toward the Block Producers you trust and plan to vote for.

Greetings from Switzerland !

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alghazalifahmy (44) in eos • 3 days ago
this video is really pretty and I'm going to watch these videos entirely in pieces along the job but I'll watch them because I want to know more things on the road and more to know what's going on in and out because we can hear a lot of speculation from the ball but I ignore it because the actual team did a great job.

Thank you for sharing this post with us and have a great day.

May always remain in a spirit state @ivanli

you're back. more - more

Good show Ivan, dont know how you did good morning after being up all night. I might need some of those crackers you were eating 🤗

'Love vote', fine one. Hope it matches the bill ;-)

i am actually additionally referring to BP conferences after launch, no longer most effective the present 'candidate meeting'

Hey Ivan, thanks for the update as usual but don't you think all this EOS drama is going to blow up at some point?

I have watched a couple of your videos on YouTube I never knew that you were here on steemit! Cheers mate, good stuff!

Thaaanks @ivanli for your (literally) tireless efforts in favour of the blockchain universe improvements and its communities!!

I'm glaaaad to begin following you here (instead of through YouTube, hehe). Ah, I see you share on Steemit a part only of your daily broadcasts... Is it deliberate?

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Hello @ivanli,
last night I saw your new video:

I was really impressed of it, especially about the explaining of google trends and the bitcoin price.
This inspired me for my last post about bitcoin.
Best regards