EOS - An Introduction

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I've written up my view of EOS technology into a paper format:

EOS - An Introduction

Abstract: Current technologies for blockchain fall short of providing what developers and end-users need in order to contract together and to build large scale businesses. We propose EOS, a performance-based and self-governing blockchain that provides an operating system for building large-scale consumer-facing distributed applications. This paper outlines the context, vision and software architecture underlying EOS, which we are building to serve a broad and diverse group of users with smart business.

The Two Generals Problem

I would say more but (a) I'm at the booth for Block.one today and am being mobbed, (b) I'd really like you to say more about it, and (c) I think I've rather said a lot already :-)

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Great post sorry we missed the vote on this one. Perhaps you can follow us and inform us of your future posts. @adsactly

I keep an eye daily on their github, and they seem pretty active at the moment. Dan proved in the past he can deliver, let's hope EOS comes out great. I was part of the phase one ICO and I will hold my coins until at least the first release of the new blockchain.


do you know when the new blockchain is due to be released?

Being an Ethereum developer, I look forward to this project eagerly...
Waiting for 1st version to release....
Come on Dan, u can do it...

EOS is a trendsetter by starting a year long ICO to curb the hype and whale takeover. Kudos for this.

I have noted earlier in an article that EOS is too hyped at the moment of writing that article and I would buy it at 100 days mark when it comes back to its REAL price of at around $1...let's see what happens.

Great project irrespective of price behavior.

Thanks for that tip. I've been watching this last week the price decline steadily from ~$3.20 to ~ $2.11 (July 10th time of writing) and have been wondering how long I should really wait before I invest a few thousand dollars into it and how long this opportunity to buy EOS at its very lowest is going to last. After listening to Dan Larimer speak and doing my own research I believe EOS is going to be titanic. Dan Larimer is brilliant I think and as I've said in a previous post I'm jumping off the Ethereum train and beaming up into the EOS starship. Did you mean a 100 days from today going forward? And where do you get the figure $1 in your estimations?

100 days mark is where I have asked my brother (from the start date) to watch the behavior and get on one of those days (he will still have 260+ days to wager his chance)...it may turn out that -more announcements come out and the price explodes...that's a risk my brother is willing to take!

interesting blog, I have heard about EOC but know absolutely nothing about it what so ever

same here. hope not scam. we will see

EOS will be just fine🍀

This is Great post @dan...!

i am very proud to follow you...!

liked it, so voted!

Thank you for your post and guiding . I want to boost steemit community in Japan. Regards David

you are great @iangdownload (3).jpg

hope it will not turn into scam

I hope so too :-) Block.one is a pretty serious company with 20 or so people involved, and more being hired. Every day it gets bigger, and every day it's clearer there is more in the future than today.

IMHO, Dan Larimer's work speaks for itself. When you post here you are using a platform he created.

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Make fire, only one match can burn a forest.
I hope EOS will be all right.

Something just last weekend lead me to read about the Byzantine Generals Problem: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Byzantine_fault_tolerance

It's definitely a cool problem. Unsolvable in theory, we can come close enough by a careful mixture of techniqes. DPOS is our answer in steem / bitshares / EOS.

Sacking Generals

eos eos

EOS has most potential.

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EOS will be good....

Thank you for the useful post!

Good post @iang

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Great article! Thanks for helping me understand what EOS does and might do in the future.

Just letting you know that some clown has copied this article https://steemit.com/eos/@ghghu/introduction-aos.