Watching the stream of EOS presentation

in eos •  2 years ago

Thanks to @roelandp I am watching the live presentation of EOS by @dantheman.

Dan just described the basics of EOS and addressed probably the most interesting questions about the timeline and distribution: info about both of these will come via the mailing list to which you can sign up on

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Awesome, thanks for sharing!


Hi @good-karma I can see that you deserved upvote as witness! May you continue doing good..

Postinngan yang sangat berguna @hr1
Terima kasih, telah mau bergagi
Saya sangat menyukainya

Excited to see where this goes. By the way, thanks for upvoting my second story. 3 days new here, and you vote was the biggest move I've seen. thanks again.

VERY SHARP WORK! I'll check into that hr thanks! BTW, the template overlay look very smooth, unique, and eye-candy catching LOL.

your article is great, but why do you rarely create articles,

Can't wait for EOS to rally ETH. Some big plans in the presentation and knowing @dantheman they can live up to those big words.
Exciting times are coming...

nice post,thanks

And thanks to you I'll be watching it too!! ;) Curious about the EOS!

good post thanks for sharing

Gracias por compartir con la comunidad steemit @hr1

You have great talents and posts that teach me how to be like you, and @hr1 pleas upvot my post

Thanks for great support and great upvote
Wish you a nice day

nice post

@roelandp's site showed me that one vote from you was everything; Just came by to say thank you!!! I highly appreciate that. The stuff you all are doing on this platform, continues to blow my mind.

Eos will blast in cryptocurrency market. let go for it

@hr1 good information, thank you for Sharing

nice post

Really cant wait for eos ! Dan helpe create steemit this will be amazing!

Please Allow me to thank you for your upvote on my post..

Thank you :)

Amazing ... a very useful information for many people ... thanks a lot sir ..@hr1

the information is very useful for us, thanks for sharing ..

Wow, thanks for this! I am playing it!

EOS was the 3rd crypto I invested in... The market went haywire and I panicked... pulled out of EOS and lost a good deal of money. Now having a better understanding how the crypto market works, I believe I'm ready to dive back in and with a lot more knowledge and patience.

I know this is an old post, but it serves as a good reminder what EOS is for.

Thank you for sharing!

hi @hr1 I always looking your post and i really like about that

thanks, very petrified me ,, @hr1

Hi @hr1 thank you for steeming on me! God bless you

Right On. I'm in. Just bought eos a few weeks ago. There's some pretty epic genius coming out of these creators. Ty for following my feed hr1!


Let's join and share in our discord group

amazing. thanks for this

Wonderful , everyone should watch the presentation.

nice boss

Fantastic really informative sharing