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As an EOS Block Producer (BP) candidate, HelloEOS aims to clarify our mission and standpoint through this Code of Conduct, which will also serve as the guiding principal for our contributions made to the development and governance of the EOS community.


To provide secure and stable support for the EOS mainnet.
To participate in the community governance, to support the development of an ecological community, and to build a healthy, sustainable EOS ecosystem.
And to increase the value of the EOS community through the aforementioned conducts.

Guiding Principles

We maintain that EOS should devote itself to build a free, non-violent market, which can secure life, liberty and property for all.
We maintain that EOS block producers should keep their absolute independence and transparency to every community member.
We maintain that the EOS.IO should be accessible by each and every user around the world, and maximize the quality of its services.

HelloEOS' Code of Conduct

Article 1: Honesty, Integrity, Fairness and Parity

We solemnly declare that we will adhere to the highest ethical standards, which regard the profits of the EOS community ecosystem as the primary purpose and follow the rules of action as honesty, integrity, fairness and parity.

Article 2: Take the BPs' Responsibilities Seriously

We solemnly declare that we will obey the instructions of the "EOS Constitution" and "The Block Producer Agreement". We will produce the blocks stably and precisely, and remain an active participation in the community development and governance. We will keep a good communication with the token holders, and effectively reflect their views in the EOS governance.

Article 3: Abide by All Arbitration Decisions

We solemnly declare that we will abide by and action all arbitration decisions and fully respect those decisions that receive unanimous agreement from all community members based on the democratic principle.

Article 4: Become a Secure, Stable and on Call 24/7 BP

We solemnly declare that our top priority is to ensure that the EOS mainnet operates safely and stably with the best performance. We will guarantee sufficient input to maintain node hardware facilities, human resources and technologies, and work 24/7 timeliness in processing transactions, upgrading the network, and emergency response.

Article 5: Transparency

We solemnly declare that we will set up effective and efficient team management regulations to prevent any cheating behaviors such as corruption, bribery and fraud, which may endanger the community benefits. We will remain transparent to the public and be ready for the monitoring and supervision of the community. We will disclose and update the information on the team management, the status of node operations and the financial budget. (Please see the details in the report 'HelloEOS: Ownership Disclosure & Corporate Structure')

Article 6: Independence

The independence of financial resources: We will not work with the investors who: a) have already invested in the other BPs; b) are affiliated with the exchange; c) may have an impure motive or hold different values against ours. In addition, we are in a relatively stronger position to uphold our working principles and strategic directions, requiring our investors not to intervene.

The independence of the node: We will keep on our absolute independence from the other BPs in terms of shared interests or interference in each other's work. Within this guideline, we welcome any cooperation opportunities which are beneficial to the development of the EOS ecosystem. For instance, we could work together to sponsor or co-organize a developer activity, or develop or incubate a DAPP project.

The independence from the voters: We will not provide any dividends for our voters so as to enter into a benefit alliance.

Article 7: Attract the votes in a fair way

To improve technical strength: We will continuously improve our technical strength in terms of node maintenance capacities and DAPP development capacities.

To build a quality community: We will work with all the stakeholders to develop a quality community to attract and remain outstanding EOS developers and enthusiasts.

To expand the EOS ecosystem: We will incubate and support quality EOS-based DAPP projects to make an active contribution to the EOS ecosystem.

Article 8: Distribute the node revenues in an appropriate way

The node revenues will be mainly distributed in the following aspects. Meanwhile, we will establish a rigorously-organized financial reporting system to disclose our financial status including the details of income and expenditure to the community.

The distribution of the revenues includes:
a) Daily operation of the team work, and maintenance of the EOS nodes.
b) Establishment of an incubator fund for DAPP projects to support outstanding developers.
c) Organization of nationwide promotion activities in China to keep more people well informed of the EOS concept and encourage more participation.

We believe that a long-term vision, which focuses on the overall interests and actual needs of the broader EOS community to expand the ecosystem, is a real meaningful bonus for the voters.

Article 9: Amendments to our Code of Conduct

Amendments to our Code of Conduct will be informed by the community's will and would be broadcast to community members through all viable communication channels before formal adoption.


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