EOS Chinese Community News April 11, 2018

in #eos5 years ago

1.ONO, the first social media project on EOS, will be on board on April 15th. The goal of ONO is being a global decentralized Facebook and Wechat.

2.Carmel, distributed open-source technology education platform, will airdrops for subscribers with more than 100EOS around April 15th.

3.It was claimed officially from Kcash that they will support eos claiming definitely. In addition, Kcash 2.2.2 with EOS claiming feature will be launched in early May to meet requirements that EOS wallet claiming needs to call smart contract.

4.Okex and huobi.com will support EOSDAC airdrops and so far the platform supporting airdrops are imtoken, ant wallet, huobi.com, Okex, ZB.com, gate.io and so on. Binance issued forked currency and the rules of candy airdrop, suggesting EOSDAC airdrop is not supported.

5.SuperONE has deployed the node of EOS DAWN 3.0 test net officially and produced block stably.

6.Cha Mao from IMEOS expressed that MORE, a DAPP store and a side chain entrance of EOS, will connect every EOS holder.

7.GOh, the founder of MEET.ONE, expressed that MEET.ONE will be the entrance of EOS ecosystem and the account of MEET.ONE has four functions including assets, equity, right and construction.

8.HelloEOS (HelloEOS.com.cn) has deployed a witness node and started to produce block.

9.IMEOS will organize a small group of EOS programming technology for those who want to discuss EOS code and development of smart contract conveniently.

10.Antpool of Bitmain declared to campaign eos node officially.

11.BIG.one started an activity of EOS super node pre-voting. All active candidates evaluated by EOS GO will get pre-voting qualification on BIG.one and all EOS holders can vote according to the official rules of BIG.one.


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