EOS Chinese Community News April 10, 2018

in eos •  8 months ago
  1. Eos DAC will take snapshot of eos coin at 9 o'clock on April 15th, Beijing time. 75% of eosDAC token will be distributed to EOS token holder and for every one EOS token you will have one eosDAC token.

  2. The EOS BIXIN team officially announced on Cannon Sharing Group that they will participate in the campaign for EOS block producer.

  3. Mr. Wang, one of the candidate of eos node, expressed his concern that Xiaotuan Technology lacks outstanding technical team which is his biggest deficiencies. He wants urgently individuals and teams with the technology of eos node operation and maintenance to join them.

  4. The EOS.CYBEX community will launch the world’s first EOS hardware cold wallet with fingerprint recognition function which is in the testing phase currently.

  5. OTCBTC and KKEX announced the support for EOSDAC airdrop.

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It is difficult to know if this is an expensive coin or not, it has a market cap of $110 m at 11c and we don’t know what it will earn in EOS, to value it properly. Sounds risky, has anyone got any good information on likely financials to support this kind of market cap. I like EOS but am just careful about buying into anything with a lRge market cap when it is unproven.

After I register my exodus wallet is there anything else I need to do if I have under 100 eos?

When will the tokens be distributed? I see it is trading on some exchanges but I haven't received any tokens yet.