Why The EOS Chain Stopped & How It Was Fixed

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The EOS Chain Paused Because Of A Bug
Then it restarted...

What does that mean?
Why and how did this happen?


The chain paused itself bc it found a bug.
Block producers stepped in and fixed the bug and started the chain again.

When BPs make a change to the chain you can see who and why they did it. It operates in many of the same ways that Steemit Witnesses work.
The incentives are structured to push good actions from Block Producers.

We dig deep into how these incentives work.

EOS Cafe works with a Decentralized Autonomous Corp.
They plan to build Crypto Cafes all over the world. This idea pushes EOS into the real world in an interesting way. We talk about how that plays out on the ground level.

We touch on a big mysterious DAPP that Block.one will be launching. Supposedly it will blow people's minds. This is just a big mystery right now, but exciting none the less.

We had a big idea regarding the transparency of phone conversations in big calls. We talk about the call with almost 70 people on the line where the BPs decided to fix the chain. Maybe we can get that call published for the public to listen to.

What will happen to the millions of dollars building up in the worker proposals? The system is not running yet, but the money is getting saved... There are a few ideas around this.

In a very important announcement, I tell Sayed where my Happy Money Man hat comes from. Big news.

There is too much to cover in writing. This far-reaching conversation is worth putting on while you do the dishes or mow the lawn.

Cheers My Steem Friends.
Much Love To You

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The chain paused itself bc it found a bug.
Block producers stepped in and fixed the bug and started the chain again.

IOW, EOS is an entirely centralized oligarchy.


i gave you my 100%vote @anonymint. You said what no one else is willing to say due to the fear of attack.

Thank you for that


good info..


An oligarchy is, by definition, self-elected with a lot of opacity.
Inside EOS, the voting process is fully transparent, exactly like for Steemit's Witnesses.
The voting process is permanent, every 120 seconds, the list is refreshed. A block producer miss-behaving with the community will be ejected from the top 21 very quickly by losing all his votes. In Bitcoin, 3 players are controlling more than 50% of the network, same for Ethereum, THAT is oligarchy! In our case, each BP controls 1/21 of the mainchain. Any decision must be the fruit of a consensus from the 21 BP.


Nice article!

With patience the future is damn bright for EOS 💪🏼🙌🏼💯


Stackin my Steem and EOS for the future.




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So isn't "Proof of Stake" sufficient to prevent such things from happening ?..

Not only did the network go down but they closed the accounts of 7 users. Doesn't sound very centralized to me

You guys are really popular. I need to understand this EOS chain properly.I mean from A to Z.

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eos sucks because there are those delegates... sorry.


Compared to what other cryptos? 🤔🤫


chains without delegates :) 101 !

do your own research :D.


lol... this eos... I mean at one point this shitshow can only succeed by support from outside nefarious forces...

I stay with what you like :).


I like each publish your friend, every time you are an example to follow for me in steemit

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Its amazing you , if all things and troubles of life can get such quick fix then we are already in heaven

There is lot's of negative sentiment with EOS mainnet launch, some justified and some overblown. Given the size and scope of this project, I am happy to see the community effectively respond and resolve issues as they are guaranteed to occur. While there are bugs and growing pains, EOS has lot's of promise and potential.

It is awesome

It is good to watch videos like this. The "news" posts that I saw about this had headlines like, "EOS Blockchain comes to a screeching halt due to bugs in the code." The illustration in this video actually gives confidence to the viewer in how EOS is designed to function. I don't have any EOS, but am thinking that I should.


Take advantage of the current low prices.

joss post love this

nice post brother

I hope that situation make some very good changes for EOS so we will see where they will go

How good they have solved the error ... I am sure that EOS coffee will give the world many satisfactions ... that no mistake stops them ...

I just hope in the future people will realize that there is no point in mining.
Right now mining cost as much as the whole bitcoin itself in some areas even more!
Not to mention scalability

One thing i dont like about EOS is that 100 people are holding 70% of all Eos coins.

Good article!

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The team was fast to fix the issue before much damage was done - this gives me hope on EOS.

I have been so worried for 18 days. I have FROZEN EOS. I almost want to smile at this statement. First World Crypt problem. No life or death, but I worry. Every morning I jump up, race to the computer to see if there is any progress yet. I thought I was the only one. Now, I will wait and go outside to the beautiful evening we have in Canada and water the beets I planted. The EOS is safe. Nothing I can do at the moment. Yet, in my garden, I can water the beets and plant lettuce.


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Good that they overcome the problem

Very interesting technology... Definitely could use an EOS Cafe near me... Appreciate this informative video @happymoneyman..

this will be a rival commensurate with CARDANO (ADA), ELASTOS, NEO AND ETHER

Great post

So many ups and down.

A perfect post!
Short,Sweet,Attractive & Informative buddy.
GOOD, Keep it up.

there was a minor bug too in the code that was solved quickly and the eos team launched the bounty too they are serious towards their work which is great to see for a growing project like this

eutilities of eso?

I love EOS, if they find any bug the its solved in no time. I upvoted you and followed, do the same for me. Let's grow the community. Thanks.

Exquisite. this whole procedure simply proved how rapid and powerful the dpos device is.

Good article sir...concept clear

@happymoneyman, I love your youtube chanel, thank's for sharing

I'm holding EOS since December & I haven't sold a single EOS last during bull run because I believe that "Patience Always Pays You"

The future of EOS Lets see

EOS is one of the best coin since it was erc20 to now.

MANY THINKINGS, MANY IDEAS, MANY PREDICTIONS always not perfect. I think EOS take some time for growing.

Can we get EOS tokens on exchanges? I wanted to avoid the Ether route. Can I get in in a few months?

I dont think soo Eos is wonderfull project which had good future

well done friends u clear the doubt about blocking of money by EOS.The chain was paused itself due to a bug.

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Blockchain in general, is not a proprietary technology or proprietary concept. Satoshi created the first model for Bitcoin, but this was specific to Bitcoin's objectives, and Satoshi was not aiming at the Blockchain concept or technology, although it was the heart of Bitcoin.

What does that mean ?

That new types of Blockchains can come up at all times, not exactly the same as Bitcoin and still be useful in real life. We are at the beginning of all this and time will show which projects will best suit people's real needs.

Amazing .best post brother

Forget about eos. Its done. Move on to a good project.

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eos is a good concept

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Nice summary, thanks for that !

I just discovered a new site with a nice sector-based overview of blockchain projects, including EOS of course, quite well done I must say:


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Good article for eos

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your analysis is really eye opening . can u do this same study for some more coins that would be great

EOS is shit

solo hay que esperar un poco para que todo fluya de la manera correcta

es importante estar atento a las diversas noticias para determinar el porque de esta situacion excelente post gracias por tan buena informacion


A bold step for an entire global industry


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