Why EOS Needs South America

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EOS Argentina has some ideas on building community
What's new in EOS?


How many block producers should EOS have?
How can we get more countries involved?

What's the benefit to smaller community-oriented block producers?
What's the benefit to large corporate block producers?

A far-ranging talk on everything EOS

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Thank you for having me on your show @happymoneyman , had a great time!

Love it Man. @happymoneyman. Oustanding! These are days for all of us. To see you and all our friends succeed is wonderful. Congrats.

Good explained. I like it very much. Keep it up please.

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Crypto Markets, Weak Demand from Miners Hurt GPU Producers
Dipping cryptocurrency markets are hurting not only crypto holders but also a number of related businesses and sectors. Manufacturers of hardware that can be used in mining applications, like GPU…
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How can we get more countries involved?

Blockchain doesn't give a shit about countries. #BlockchainsNotBorders

EOS blockchain can be stopped - that is an enormous trouble.

crypts are our future

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You can get more countries involved by making friendly website that talks explicitly on the subject. Doing this you gonna get a bunch of countries involved.

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@moneyguruu our crypto community is doing good to grow the future of Blockchain Technology and Bitcoin..
what do you think about future of Bitcoin from here because not only India but also many developing country still not sure about Bitcoin. Blockchain and Bitcoin divided this world into two group one group of developed countries like USA, Japan, Aus, UK are ready to Accept easily while on the other hand Developing country like India, China, Cambodia, African Country and Indian sub continental countries are not supporting to grow us..

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EOS reach a new lower low, I hope this is a setup for the next bull run. :)

I think about EOS it has a lot of potential to grow up in up coming days but still crypto market is undergoing bad ambience I think it can go up rapidly after this bad phase.....keep patience

How they choose or elect the EOS Arbitrary? he is basically THE KING OF EOS! ⚠️ I hope I soon find out how that part works. Sam, a gardener with superpower! 😮✌️
I believe in EOS, but not everthing is clear to me.
have a great day ❕ greetz from Belgium 🇧🇪

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EOS is a great project and i really love this project... great one

EOS is a great
Project and i really love
This project... great one

                 - franz100

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There are many projects coming on eos platform in future. eos is the next crypto giant ?

hello friends,
EOS Argentina has some ideas on building community....


what is crypto...going down..and down ...and down

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It's wonderful to working with eos.

@happymoneyman..what you think of EOS price atthe end of 2018?

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Eos is a best future of cryptocurrencies

Hey @, great post! GOOD
I enjoy your content Keep up the good work! It's always nice to see nice content on Steemit! :)

The first exchange to give the BKK holder all of the exchange revenues as USDT
4,000 BKK token airdrop on first come first served basis

EOS both price and market cap fall 60% Lets see where it can go when alts will recover.

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Fantastic Wonderful EOS Price Is Bulling..
download (1).jpg

@happymoneyman EOS seems to be worthless without high rate of bitcoin. we all analays that from starting of this year till now it happened may be 3 times but it never ever able to break even 9000 and again returns on its lowest price, because every cryptos player exit out when it rising little bit and they don't allow to go it far away. what do you think about it?

When uptrande coming in bitcoin price.

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@happymoneyman please notice that India has a great potential for crypto market.currently there are some regulatory issues in india for crypto..but if it will come under any regulation then there will be huge amount of money will flow into different crypto projects frkm indian investors.Eos is a great project and may be ethereum killer in future.. but only thing how many countries will participare in this project...I love Eos and will hodl and invest more in near future...

Thanks for the information...@happymoneyman

Thank you for your work on the EOS Typescript library. Do you plan on continuing supporting and developing it further into the future?

Outstanding. if people gets more and more news about EOS then we can reach more and more countries..

we all thinks who are have big heart that can be swim this ocean (like bitcoin) but those have small heart they will keep drop down in ocean


Cheers. Love you.
Thank you.

I Like Soo Much Your Post You Explained That nice ¡¡¡Good Luck!!!

EOS is a great project it has a lot of potential it can grow up in up coming days.

Great video,I like it .

information is very helpful for me thanks

GOOD research on cryptomarket
now a days so many people need info like this because they are beginners

Love it man @happymoneyman market gone crazy now

Buena información. Gracias!

Sir Great video ..I watching for better knowladge.

Great video

You can get more nations required by making benevolent site that discussions unequivocally regarding the matter. Doing this you going to get a group of nations included.

Thank you @happymoneyman for helping us to improve our knowdge and prevend the upcoming dangers. Please keep it up.

Que buena! (Y)

Oustanding! These are days for all of us. To see you and all our friends succeed is wonderful. Keep it up..

much better when all the countries of the world participate!

Well explained, how and why happenning with EOS right now.

Good explainer. I like it.

Una excelente idea! Sigan asi, van por buen camino cuentan con mi apoyo.

Bueno soy nueva pero me parece que si es para progresar en comunidad esta bien.

Eos next currency for 2x 3x 10x profit .If anyone is left to chance buy btc he can enter in eos.team argentina is doing best work for eos per motion.

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EOS need new community :D

Eos is trying hard to be the best cryptocurrency. Eos whole team is wonderful and hardworking. That's why eos is at fifth postion in the coinmarketcap.

Tebrikler harika

really benefits for new user who are started to use EOS in USA

why EOS not growing up?

Hello @happymoneyman outstanding Post

Good work.Nicely explained keep it up man!

Acept Right

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I really think EOS it has a lot of potential to grow up more and more and is a great project , you are very right, great video thanks for sharing

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Keep it up bro... Ur great sharing good information

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apoyando a nuestros hermanos latinoamericanos

Excellent video, I believe that a reciprocal need, they need us and we them, so the strongest relationships in this industry are given.

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Wow... Nice video, it is really a wonderful project, indeed information is power. Great job sir, cheersssss

thanks for video.great.upvote

I think Asian countries should also participate

Keep your positive angle alive, and ne'er let the keenness in you fade, this can be your strength. Keep it up in your work life too. Congratulations and better of luck sidekick. Best Of Luck @happymoneyman

I think not much countries involved @nextgencrypto!

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