Security & Dev Tools From EOS Amsterdam

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Another deep dive into EOS

Security, Legal, Business, & Development
Boy Maas, Rhett Oudkerk Pool, & Jetse Sprey

Boy Maas has participated in the EOS testnet from the beginning.
He has published a screencast for EOS Developers on youtube

This team has an entrepreneur spirit, software development, legal, and over 40 years combined security experience.

How important is it to have a legal expert on your team?

They talk about EOS Fly To Mars and how the community reacted.
It feels like an invader in the community. Announcing a candidacy is important to the community.

The teams believe a block producer should be an ambassador and protect the community.
They have been working on protecting EOS users from phishing scams.

They are focusing on developing a new wallet with good security.

They are exporting data from the EOS blockchain to build statistical data.
Then they will show visualizations of how block producers are fulfilling their roles.
As this develops the block producer performance will become more transparent.

What's the future of mobile and the blockchain?

How can EOS connect value systems globally?

Plus much more from EOS Amsterdam

Cheers My Steem Friends


it's really beautiful!


it makes you think!

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Hii im just follow u pls follow me back thanks

yes @rohit12123 i am agree with you this person are always provide such a informative information

it's a very imp mater about EOS Thank you for share with us.

Thank you @happymoneyman for sharing your useful thoughts. it can help alot.

must say blockchain technology is advancing rapidly. great post mate.

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I am Canadian and have been following EOS Canada quite closely. I believe they developed the EOS Bios tool to help launch the network. Very strong tech group. One you might also consider adding to the list is EOSvibes from the UK.

@happymoneyman EOS Coin better than any other coins and their community better and best.

As i read your all post. It was informative. And at the bottom u ask some qustions. First of all i ans abouy blockchain. That plate for spread vastly and fastly. And EOS have a good system but many people have some extra knowlagde about that system.

great information about EOS and it can help in increase of EOS price.

Great thanks for the share.
I am most excited for cross-chain liquidity which Bancor (LiquidEOS) will be providing in the near-future.

That’s great videos. Thanks for sharing. I have noticed now a days #EOS holders getting ditched by phishing attacks and losing their private key. Check here what kind of phishing mail they got and lost their #EOS private key.

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This article gives more enthusiasm for other platform to join EOS ,for example UNCLOAK is a security block chain technology currently going use EOS platform.

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you are share information useful and helpful.

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Lol bullshit.

Great post with great thoughts!

EOS turning donkeys into unicorns. On their brainwashed community/investors dime.
Cover your heads in the sand.

this information is very useful for me who just holding 100 EOS I hope EOS will be 100$ soon.
thanks for this important information.

can you clear my doubt that What's the future of mobile and the blockchain?

My portfolio has huge amount of eos in it but i dont know why everything is falling so badly.

@happymoneyman plz clear my doubt that How can EOS connect value systems globally?

Eos is the next ethereum killer as per many viewers but in order to get success like ethereum eos have to be more flexible in different applications... It should provide new tools and platforns for applications to grow and energe..The most demanded future of any crypto platform is that it should have an use case and should provide a platform for businesses and consumers or users to interact with each other....Here at this steemit community we are building next facebook or twitter or may be higger than that....So keep posting such informative videos on steemit...thank you steemit community for your effort...

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I find the team to be very active.

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Security & Dev Tools From EOS Amsterdam is a useful for every one who use these

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Good to right about #EOS
I have more than 100 EOS, But i am confused about it..
So you please tell me. it's profitable or not for long term Holding.

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Thanks info @happymoneyman

yes EOS is the future i believe sir! great video
what are views and prediction regarding EOS touching heights?

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Everyone should research in blockchain technology

do think eos is a great project

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