Great analysis Haejin. Please keep the morale up.

Don't understand. Could you please help me?

Eos is Stronger 200 Times than Steel ( as its built on Graphine !

I like EOS and would like to buy 1 cent per coin. Will I get?

Yes you can, for 1 cent currently you can buy 0.001618 EOS

THX Haejin!

Fasten Seat Belts! Spaceship Starts at April 6th!Cheap Seats available!

Daniel Larimer: We are on track to complete it by April 6 —> Dawn 3.0 !!!

EOS = Enterprise Operating System!- Epic Operating System!- Ethereum On Steroids!

Damn, I hadn't heard that. If EOS delivers as promised it will be a gamechanger.

which game is that ? do you even know what EOS does or what that EOS token for ? :)

The game of decentralized apps. A shift from POW to DPOS.... DPOS by the way means Delegated Proof of Stake, although in your case it means Deplorable Piece of Shit.

Hey @haejin! I think it's the first time ever I comment on a blog post of yours. The title you chose just called my attention since I recently discovered the greatness of the project, and now I'm absorbing all the information about EOS like a sponge.

I'm considering to acquire my first coins soon, but according to your charts probably I should wait a little longer...:-)

Now you may also enjoy reading my latest article about even though it's not as technical as yours at all. I don't know if you even curate articles that are not written by crypto experts... Well I'll give it a try though: The EOS Euphoria

Best, Marly -

fyi... in last eos video he said bull wick is done :D

There was a bull wick on the 17th or 18th of March. The current setup gives a good possibility of having another one.

why ? is this because haejin had a bad poop yesterday ?

Haejin literally poops the bed every day of his life, but no one notices. I smell it across the world though. Fucking rotten eggs....

I appreciated your analysis re: a piercing of the trendline to get rid of weak hands. Hope that happens so I can load up with more EOS!

piercing of trendline will not happen

@haejin thank you for this TA analysis video.

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lol .... that ranchorelaxo is haejin himself or he is the one haejin split his profit (from steemit) with

what you want to show here?

EOS looks prominent for at this moment. I always follow @haejin advice and holding my EOS because they have strong project and some of them giving airdrop for the EOS holders. If anyone holding EOS, should never miss these 3 important airdrops for EOS holders and most importantly Scatter (RIDL) one of them announced 50 extra RIDL tokens airdrops for those who do identity reservation using EOS private key.

do not give me a liking at any clip of mine, please

wait, did Haejin put piercing of trendline to sub 2 USD levels ?
That will not happen. EOS is ready to skyrocket soon and it will make no difference if market is bearish or not.

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